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Laptops, unlike main desktop computers, are portable but still perform the same functions as desktop. Their main disadvantage though is that you cannot adjust separately the height of the keyboard and the screen to attain the most comfortable position for the user.
The best available and applicable method to increase the laptop’s ergonomics is by using it with a compatible laptop stands. There are both fixed and adjustable laptop stands and the consumer should choose one according to their preferences.There are a lot of brands and types of laptop stands but below are five among the best.1) AOOU Adjustable Laptop Stand Desk This is an adjustable laptop stand. It comes fitted with two extra silent CPU cooling fans mounted on the table. The fans are USB powered and they suck hot air from underneath the laptop and dissipate heat away enabling the laptop to cool.This stand helps the laptop user to use it at a lot of different heights and positions which are comfortable.It is made up of quality materials making it long lasting.2) The Wonder worker ergonomic folding laptop table.This adjustable laptop stand is made of quality aluminium alloy metal mesh. The ventilation holes on the table helps in dissipating the heat away from the laptop. Aluminium makes the stand durable and aluminium being a good conductor of heat, it contributes in keeping the laptop cool. It assists the user in setting the laptop at a position and height that is ideal for the user to minimize screen glare and strain. It ranges from a height of 4 – 48 centimeters. and can fit all laptops comfortably up to 19 inches3) .Halter Mesh Ventilated Adjustable Laptop StandOverheating laptops lead to hardware failures and cause the batteries tho die quickly. I|t occurs due to lack of ventilation to conduct away all the heat from the laptop and keep it cool. The Halter mesh ventilated adjustable laptop stand is designed to help keep the laptop ventilated while offering different angles and heights from which the user can decide their most comfortable position.It is made up of a ventilated metal mesh. It is lightweight and easy to set up and use. It is highly portable and can be used to hold all types of laptops, iPads and tablets.It has anti-slip tabs and a lip stopper that holds your device in place to prevent slipping or falling over..4) Huanuo Monitor stand Riser with Vented MetalThis is a fixed laptop stand. It raises the user’s laptop 4 inches above the surface.The stand is made of power-coated steel with perforated holes, which aids well air flow and keeps the laptop cool.It is sturdy and an hold up to 20 kilograms. This makes it multipurpose as it can be used to hold other devices like printers.It has non skip pads which protect the surface its lying on and prevents it from being wobbly.It is easy to assemble and set up.(5) Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand


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