Leadership Style Essay

Manama Logistics Company ( MLC ) has hired you to oversee the company’s move from downtown Manama to Isa Town. It is expected that there will be some discontentment amongst staff ( as listed in the instance survey ) It is of import that you understand the different types of leading manners. and make up one’s mind what would be the best manners for you to utilize in the state of affairss outlined in the instance survey. It is of import to retrieve that different manners are necessary for different state of affairss. Leadership issues are frequently influenced by behavior forms.

Peoples ( supervisors and workers ) by and large display behaviors that are aggressive. inactive or self-asserting. Research these three behaviors so you understand the traits of each and can depict how they relate to supervising and leading issues. In your study to the Board describe the leading styles you have chosen and give justification for them. You will necessitate to place more than one manner. and give illustrations of when each is appropriate to utilize. There are four chief leading manners. and several other recognised manners. Check with your coach if you are non certain if you have identified the chief manners. You need to place these four chief manners and one other relevant leading method. so you have a deeper apprehension of leading behaviors in assorted state of affairss. and place what is effectual and what is non and why. Use APA citing and in-text citing throughout your Progress Report. For your first Progress Report:

1. Separate A – as a group
Describe the undermentioned behavior:
a. Aggressive
B. Passive
c. Assertive
Give illustrations of how people display these behaviors – include words. attitudes and non verbal organic structure linguistic communication. Identify and research the four chief leading manners
* depict what each manner is.
* explain generaly what type of state of affairs it is appropriate to utilize them * depict the advantages and disadvantages of each manner * give illustrations from the instance survey of when each one might be appropriate

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Part B – Individual Contribution ( 20 Markss )
Write around 300 – 500 words looking at different leading manners.
Define two different leading manners. ( other than the four identified before above ) . ( 10 Markss /5 each )
Give 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages for utilizing both of these leading manners. ( 10 Markss /1 each )

You must subject merely ONE transcript of the group advancement study ( Chairperson may make this and include their single part with the group study ) . Other group members need to subject their single part via Moodle. utilizing Turnitin by 23:59 hours on Saturday 21 September. You will necessitate to utilize your ain words in your study to guarantee you do non transcend the permitted 30 % of copied stuff. Please note: if you don’t cite your resources. you will acquire a 0 % for your advancement study.

PART C – Individual Forum Posting
Each pupil is required to subject a forum posting one time per faculty. The timing. completion and quality of these posters will lend to 15 % of your single appraisal.

Posting 1 due to be completed by Thursday 12 September before 2. 00pm. ( 17 Markss ) Write around 300 – 400 words covering:
* which behaviour you think is the best communicating manner to utilize if you were the supervisor for Manama Logistics Company. Justify why.

* look up and explicate one extra manner other than the three ( self-asserting. aggressive. inactive ) already mentioned

* Complete the Hot Potatoes exercising on Moodle

Taging Schedule for Problem One: Leadership Manners

Group Name …………………………………………………… . . Each Progress Report is marked out of 100 % lending to a entire weighting of 35 % of the concluding grade. Progress Report 1 Group Protocols and Leadership Styles| | | Team protocols completed and signed by all members of the squad Ensure a group name with ID and names of all group members is included. | | 4| | Behaviors: aggressive. inactive. and self-asserting are defined| 3 Markss each behav| 9| | Examples of how behaviors are displayed are explained ( including words. attitudes and gestural organic structure language| 3 Markss each behav| 9| | Four leading manners are described in item. | 4 Markss each style| 16| | Describe where it is by and large appropriate to utilize the 4 leading manners eg military| 3 Markss each style| 12| | Advantages of 4 leading manners are discussed| 2 Markss ea| 8| | Disadvantages of 4 leading manners are discussed| 2 Markss ea| 8| | What leading manner does your group recommend they use for the move to get the better of staff opposition to the alteration – use the 7 instance survey illustrations ( traffic issues. farther to go. new preparation demands etc ) and the leading manner your group recommends| 2 Markss ea| 14| | GROUP TOTAL | | 80| *|

All Individual parts are handed in and are relevant and comprehensive as per taging usher. | | 20| + * See Below| Total: | | 100| = * See Below|



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