Legalizing A. Charlotte Figi was born with Dravot

Legalizing medical marijuana

Kaidey Baer


General Purpose:

To persuade

Specific Purpose:

To persuade my listeners that medical marijuana should be legalized.





I.         When people consider pain management, they don’t consider Medical Marijuana.

A.   They usually list opioids.

B.    Some people choose alcohol.

C.    Others turn to drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

II.         Since the beginning of the 20th century, Medical Marijuana has been proven to be effective in treatment of many causes of pain or treating disease.

A.   Laws of our nation prevent extensive research on its use.

B.   We as a nation need to educate and promote research to use this drug to help prevent pain and drug epidemics


I.           Studies have shown marijuana can help or relieve symptoms from diseases or illnesses.

A. Charlotte Figi was born with Dravot Syndrome. A rare form of Epilepsy.           

1. She suffered long lasting seizures starting at 2 years old.

2. Eventually she lost all motor function by 5 years old.

3. Pharmaceuticals destroyed her. When she was taken to Colorado Children’s Hospital, she was recommended Cannabis oil twice a day.

II.          Many states are becoming closer to legalization.

A. Maryland is 1 out of 25 states that have laws set for decriminalization and legalization.   

B. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe. They can only recommend use.

C. To become a cardholder, you must have at least of the approved conditions.        

D. Edibles and cannabis are not yet sold in the state of Maryland.                 

1. In the coming year, Maryland will have dispensaries available statewide.

III.        Legalization is not only beneficial to patients but to the whole country.

A. Jobs will become available for those unemployed.

B. It is safer than pharmaceuticals.     

C. Government regulation will provide safe, higher quality medication.


I.      Summary

A.   Marijuana has been proven to treat illness.

B.    States are closer to legalization

C.    Legalization will benefit everyone.

II.     Respect other people’s opinions and keep an open mind.

III.  This could affect you someone you know later on in life.



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