Legislation Requiring Engagement With Fathers Social Work Essay

This subdivision briefly summarises paperss that describe the jurisprudence and criterions that govern the behavior of statutory services, voluntary administrations and persons working with immature male parents.The Children Act ( 1989 )Fathers are parents under the Act irrespective of whether theyhold Parental Responsibility, so they should be involved ininstance conferences etc, where determinations are made.The Framework for the Assessment of Children in Needand their Families ( DH, 2000 )Tax assessors must: “ take all sensible stairss to garner informationapproximately, and from, all relevant household members, whetheroccupant or non, and requires them to be clear about the functionsplayed by male parents or father-figures. ”

The National Service Framework for Children, Young People & A ; Maternity Services ( DH, DfES 2004 )

It requires Children ‘s Services to prosecute consistently with male parents and female parents to better kids ‘s well-being and consult with both parents overservice design.

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Pregnancy Matters ( DH, 2007 )

High quality pregnancy attention is non merely approximately good professional attention that ensures a healthy and safe gestation. It besides involves entree to a broad scope of varied services that should work in partnership to assist fit female parents and male parents with the accomplishments they require to go confident and caring parents.

The Childcare Act ( 2006 )

Requires local governments to place parents and prospective parents who are improbable to utilize early childhood services e.g. male parents – who are specifically mentioned ) , and ease their entree to those services.

The Equality Act ( 2006 )

It requires public organic structures including wellness, instruction and those that committee kids ‘s services to print an action program for advancing gender equality.AAt the point of commissioning, a gender impact appraisal is required, measuring the differential impact of the service on adult females and men.

AServicess must besides garner information on how their services impact on work forces and adult females severally, and consult with work forces and adult females who use them, in ways they find accessible.Every Parent Matters ( 2007 ) :“ Irrespective of the grade of engagement they have in the attention of their kids, male parents should be offered routinely the support and chances they need to play their parental function efficaciously ” .A This requires systematic information garnering about – and battle with – male parents in all kids ‘s services: it is non plenty merely to offer “ pas ‘ groups ” .A In general, these services must be available to male parents across all societal groups – including deprived pas, and those in groups which entree services comparatively seldom ( e.g. immature, BME, non-resident male parents ) .

Teenage Parents Following Stairss: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care ( 2007, DH & A ; DCFS )Working with immature male parents is to be a precedence in adolescent gestation ;Servicess are required to: “ develop a civilization in which the starting point is that immature male parents ‘ engagement in the gestation and birth is good for the female parent and kid and that services should be designed so that they are inclusive of immature male parents, instead than one which starts with the given that the immature male parent is a job ” .

The Welfare Reform Act ( Nov, 2009 )

Legal alteration in England & A ; Wales to necessitate birth enrollment for single male parents ( as it is already for married male parents and all female parents ) , unless Registrar decides it is impossible, infeasible or unreasonable:Gives female parents a new right to take a firm stand that single male parents register on birth certificationGives unmarried male parents a new right to take a firm stand that they are registered.No irresistible impulse on either parent to register but sensible attempts are to be made to detect and register the male parent ‘s name

The Policy Context

In 2008, Labour Government announced a ‘Think Fathers ‘ run to dispute the impression of male parents as the ‘invisible parent ‘ and to underpin the thrust for increased battle with male parents in public, wellness and household services DCSF ( 2008 ) .

Learning, preparation and employment

The Government positions assisting immature parents to return to larning and work as cardinal in enabling them to get the better of disadvantage and societal exclusion ( Social Exclusion Unit 2001 ) . The authorities continues to supply support to 48 local instruction governments ( LEAs ) to assist reintegrate school age parents back into instruction. The new Connexions and Sure Start advisers have cardinal functions in supplying support, advice and entree to instruction, employment, preparation and complements other enterprises that include the New Deal for Young People ( 1998 ) , and the debut of Educational Care Grants to promote immature people to remain in instruction. The authorities ‘s recent 10 twelvemonth scheme for child care, Choice for Parents, the Best Start for Children ( 2004 ) , is to assist immature parents who are least likely to be in a place of ‘progressing their callings ‘ and taking control of ‘the picks they make in equilibrating work and life ‘ .


The authorities recognises that proviso of child care for teenage parents ( immature male parents and immature female parents ) is a important barrier to their engagement in instruction and preparation, and fiscal aid is available under assorted mainstream enterprises for illustration, Working Families Tax Credit and New Deal for Lone Parents, Sure Start Plus and Education Maintenance Allowance.

Regeneration and public assistance programmes

Certain Start Plus was launched in April 2001 in 20 countries in the UK to offer a coordinated, one-to-one support services tailored to the single demands of both immature female parents and immature male parents less than 18 old ages of age. Apart from assisting immature parents to return to instruction or employment, advisors offer intensive support for parents and kid to assist them with child care, health care, rearing accomplishments and lodging. Undertakings established so far include prenatal groups run by accoucheuses and wellness visitants specifically for immature pregnant adolescents and their spouses covering cookery, nutrition, health care during gestation, smoking surcease etc ( Certain Start Plus, 2005 ) .


Certain Start Plus links into a figure of policy developments in wellness and immature people ‘s services. The recent NHS National Service Framework for kids, immature people and pregnancy services, launched in October 2004, outlines a model for all immature people to hold entree to age-appropriate and coordinated wellness, societal and educational services, including pregnancy services if pregnant, which are antiphonal to their specific demands. Additionally relevant is the Green Paper on Youth, which was launched in 2005. The policy enterprises include early intercession and a preventive attack for the best long-run results ; a coordinated attack to back up ; immature person-centred, age-appropriate and accessible services ; undertaking inequalities and want ; and user engagement in planning and design ( Certain Start Plus, 2005 ) .


Since the publication of the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy ( SEU, 1999 ) , lodging policy for immature parents has focused on forestalling societal exclusion through supported lodging proviso and specific bundles of lodging support for independent life. The authorities ‘s action program is the proviso of lodging with support for all under 18 twelvemonth old lone parents who can non populate with their household. Housing Corporation is flying six lodging undertakings to prove different theoretical accounts of supported adjustment for pregnant adolescents and teenage parents.

Supporting households

The Ministerial Group on the Family was set up in 1997 with the remit of developing a authorities scheme to increase the support and aid available to all households. Some are targeted at deprived households with the purpose of cut downing societal exclusion and poorness, for illustration Sure Start aims to make one tierce of kids under the age of four life in poorness.

Other steps aimed at supplying more cosmopolitan support to households include the new rights to pregnancy and paternity leave which came into force in December 1999, a national child care scheme ( as mentioned antecedently ) , and a reappraisal of ‘work-life ‘ balance and more encouragement of family-friendly patterns in the workplace. In add-on, a new National Family and Parenting Institute has been set up to better the quality of services for parents ; a free national helpline for parents called Parentline Plus is being funded ; and the Family Policy Unit of the Home Office is supplying ?7 million over 3 old ages for Family Support grants to supply support for voluntary sector services and support for parents in their parenting function.

Fiscal Support Enterprises

The vision of the authorities ‘s green paper on kid protection, Every Child Matters, includes a acknowledgment that back uping parents is cardinal to guaranting the five desired positive results for every kid.

A scope of fiscal support enterprises has been devised to turn to the fiscal adversity that many immature parents face. The Care to Learn grant, for illustration, provides up to ?5,125 per twelvemonth to pay for aid with child care. Educational Maintenance Allowance is available for some immature people aged 16+ to promote them to remain on a school and in 2003 a Vulnerable Children ‘s Grant was introduced to promote teenage female parents to return to school to complete their instruction.

Poverty Decrease

Alongside policies and enterprises aimed specifically at immature parents, many other steps for parents by and large impact on the lives of immature parents.

The authorities, for case, is committed to the decrease of kid poorness, non merely by spread outing child care proviso so parents can travel out to work, but besides through tax-benefits to assist low-income households. The Certain Start programme ( 1998 ) making local vicinity undertakings for households with kids 0-4 old ages old has proven so successful that the Sure Start construct has been broadened to include nursery instruction, neighbourhood baby’s rooms in deprived countries, kids ‘s Centres, child care, and support for parents. For immature parents these enterprises, ideally co-located, supply valuable practical support, chances for informal and formal acquisition, societal webs and a interest in their vicinities. Finally, the authorities enacted The Children ( Leaving Care ) Act 2000 doing particular proviso for immature people go forthing attention, many of whom become immature parents.


Most parenting support and instruction programmes presently on offer in the UK are based on a mixture of the different theories which I will analyze below. Harmonizing to Einzig ( 1999 ) rearing programmes use a assortment of attacks, which have been developed from different theoretical bases.

These theories include attachment theory, cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and humanistic. In this reappraisal I will be looking at the strengths and failings of these theories in pattern.

Attachment Theory

It emphasises the importance of early fond regard between parent and kid. Rearing instruction and support programmes developed from this position purpose to supply a secure environment in which trust, acquisition and alteration can take topographic point to enable parent/child relationships that have been damaged to be repaired ( Einzig 1999 ) .

A scope of early childhood services, including ‘Growing Together ‘ groups, funded by Certain Start, that offer a signifier of rearing support is strongly influenced by fond regard theory. These groups aim to: ‘support and advance helpful fond regard forms through concentrating closely with parents on their baby, and on their forms of associating with him/her and through besides patterning ways of tuning into babes and immature kids ‘ ( Woodhead 2000 ) . This attack is peculiarly sensitive to parent ‘s feelings, admiting that associating to a babe can elicit strong feelings, possibly about their ain experiences of being parented, which may be negative. Linked to attachment theory is the construct of ‘resilience ‘ .

This can be defined as an person ‘s capacity to boom whatever the fortunes. Rutter ( 1987 ) identified the undermentioned elements that determine resiliency: self-esteem, assurance, a belief in one ‘s ain self-efficacy, ability to cover with alteration and version and repertory of societal job work outing attacks. An person ‘s resiliency is strongly determined by early experiences with health professionals when forms of fond regard are laid down ( Kraemer 1997 ) .

Cognitive behavioural

It is based on a medical theoretical account utilizing behaviour alteration techniques to turn to behavior upsets or antisocial behavior. It is used where parents are sing terrible troubles with their kids. The attack is based on the premiss that rearing manner contributes to the development and care of behavior jobs in kids ( Gardner and Ward 2000 ) . The programme aims to alter negative parenting manners such as harsh, fickle and inconsistent behavior, by learning alternate attacks and accomplishments such as puting consistent bounds, following through bids, disregarding minor jobs and using unagitated effects such as clip out. Despite the evident success of this attack as a intervention for serious parenting jobs, concerns have been raised about taking excessively narrow an attack to rearing support ( Barlow, 1997 ) . Other unfavorable judgments of the ‘medical theoretical account ‘ , are that it sets up an unequal power relationship with the extremely trained worker on one manus, distributing adept sentiment to those who lack such expertness ( the antonym of an authorising relationship ) . Delivery in a clinical scene might connote unwellness or disfunction, which could take to labelling and stigma.

Feeling judged by an expert can estrange and distance instead than prosecute. ( Mills 1995 ) .


This attack to rearing instruction and support is based on the work of Freud and other psychoanalysts who stress the importance of the yesteryear in determining our mind and current behavior forms. A strong accent is placed on the function of contemplation and apprehension of the yesteryear in conveying about alteration ( Daws 1989 and Howell at al 1997 ) . Offering parents the chance to reflect on their ain childhood and how they were parented, can assist them understand current forms of behavior in their relationships with their kids. An illustration of a programme that is based on this attack is Mellow Parenting programme ran in Scotland for four old ages targeted at female parents with terrible rearing troubles, frequently with kids on kid protection registries. The four month, group-based programme includes psychotherapeutics to let female parents to research and come to footings with straitening past experiences, and direct and video work with female parents and kids utilizing a multidimensional theoretical account of rearing.

An rating survey found considerable positive alteration in interaction and kid centredness when comparing ‘before ‘ and ‘after ‘ videotapes of the female parents and kids ( Puckering et al 1994 ) . In add-on, 80 per cent of the kids who had been on the Child Protection Register when their parents began the class had had their names removed by the clip it ended ( Mills and Puckering 1995 ) .Humanistic theory emphasises a partnership attack, the edifice of supportive webs and the sharing of experiences. Approachs based on this theory be given to be non-goal orientated ( Parr 1996, Davis and Hester 1996 ) .

This is the theory that underpins much of the work of the YWCA in back uping immature parents. It is a ‘needs-led ‘ or ‘user-centred ‘ attack, which is sensitive to the peculiar demands of each person. And will be described in item in the undermentioned subdivisions.Most parenting support and instruction programmes presently on offer in the UK are based on a mixture of the different theories I have examined. Unfortunately, the rapid growing in rearing support enterprises in this state has non been accompanied by a similar involvement in their rating.

I do non cognize which approaches work the best and for who. I am non certain of their long term effects.Meg WigginsMikey RosatoHelen Aust Sure Start PlusNational Evaluation:FllSandy OliverMeg wigginsMikey RosatoHelen AusterberryMary sawtellSandy OliverSocial Science Research UnitInstitute of EducationUniversity of LondonMay 2005( Department for Children, Schools and Families ( DCSF ) imperativeness release, 13 www.dcsf.gov.uk 1 Thursday November 2008, )