Life Experiences Are Rich Resources Social Work Essay

Subject: Not everyone is suited to make crisis intercession work as it is really demanding for the assistant. Make you hold? Support your replies with relevant research.

Crisis has different significances to different individual ; one individual may experience profoundly affected from an event, while another suffers little or nil at all. Because each single reacts otherwise, crisis workers need to understand what crisis means to the person as it is important in crisis intercession ( Coulshed & A ; Orme, 2012 ) .

James and Gilliland ( 2008 ) define crises as events or jobs which are unbearable trouble that goes beyond the bound of an person ‘s resources and get bying mechanisms ( p.3 ) . Crisis refers to an inability of an single to work out a job, a province of emotional disequilibrium. It refers non merely to an single traumatic state of affairs or event, but besides the single reaction to an event. An person is in crisis when their of import life ends are obstructed by troubles that they could non decide within their present available resources.

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In the event of a crisis most people tend to avoid intercession in order to remain out of problem, nevertheless there are people who would seek to step in out of good will but they might non be the right individual to assist and may even decline the state of affairs.

Crisis intercession is an immediate individual to individual aid ; it helps people who face crisis to reconstruct finding and assurance ( France, 1996 ) . Crisis workers assist people in crisis by researching options for solutions and recover equilibrium. Augilera ( 1998, p. 26 ) stated that the curative end of crisis intercession is to enable the person in crisis to recover emotion equilibrium or addition higher degree province of equilibrium than before the crisis.

James and Gilliland ( 2008 ) stated that about anyone can be taught the techniques of crisis intercession in a book and use these techniques to some grade of accomplishments, nevertheless it takes more than reading up techniques through a book and get the hanging the accomplishments to be an effectual crisis worker. Past experiences and the crisis worker ‘s features and personality affects the worker ‘s ability to manage different state of affairss. Although crisis workers do non hold the replies to every inquiry, they are expected to be competent in job resolution, steering and back uping the individual in crisis towards crisis solutions ( Aguilera, 1998 ) .

Harmonizing to Augilera ( 1998 ) in a 1959 reference John F. Kennedy stated, “ When the word crisis is written in Chinese, it is make up of two characters one represents danger and the other chance ” ( p. 1 ) . Crisis is danger because it threatens to overpower an person, and it may ensue in self-destruction or mental unwellnesss in utmost instances. On the other manus, it is besides an chance as it provides the client chances to larn new get bying accomplishments and map at a better equilibrium province than before the crisis. When an single brushs a crisis and do non hold the resources or get bying accomplishments to decide the job, tensenesss rises and uncomfortableness is felt, therefore disequilibrium occurs.

In order to be an effectual crisis worker and doing intercession effectual, some characteristic and personality are needed besides theoretical cognition and proficient accomplishments. Features like life experience, poise, creativeness and flexibleness, energy, resiliency and assertiveness ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

Life experiences are rich resources for a crisis worker as it comes with emotional adulthood. Workers who had overcome crisis in life addition positions by larning from those experiences and utilize their experiences to assist people who are in crisis like them earlier. Although life experience is a rich resource, it can weaken the crisis worker if it influences the worker in a negative manner ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

Crisis state of affairs are frequently lurid, unpredictable and unexpected, crisis worker needs to stay unagitated and steady, to supply an ambiance that is stable and rational for people in crisis. James and Gilliland ( 2008 ) stated that “ an effectual crisis worker is as steady and good anchored as a Rock of Gibraltar. ” ( P. 22 ) . Meaning that an effectual crisis worker is made of rock, neither afraid, tense nor dying. Bing poise is one of the important qualities a crisis worker should hold.

Different crisis requires different methods to decide. Hence crisis workers need to be originative and flexible when an single faces jobs that are complicated and appears to be insolvable. Crisis worker demand to be flexible as making solutions for people in crisis is clip sensitive. Their occupation is to go to to the immediate job. Once the state of affairs is in control and the individual in crisis has calmed down, the instance will be handed to other professionals as crisis workers do non necessitate to work out the root job.

Crisis workers may sometimes necessitate to use nontraditional attacks to work out hard state of affairss. How originative an person is in happening solutions during hard state of affairss depends on how good they have natured creativeness through the class of their lives ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

Crisis workers need energy as crisis work is really demanding, boring and intense who frequently need to measure, form and direct state of affairs. James & A ; Gilliland ( 2008 ) highlighted that crisis workers take attention of themselves in both physical and psychologically, and uses sagely of their available energy.

Crisis workers besides need to hold some grade of self-knowledge about their ain abilities and understanding, peculiarly to the extent of being resiliency during hard state of affairss, such as working with violative or aggressive people ( Trevithick, 2005 ) . During crisis, people are hostile and does non speak much, therefore crisis workers would necessitate to be self-asserting and set bounds to behavior so as to maintain the individual stabilize and besides to keep ain unity ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

As Trevithick ( 2005 ) stated for a crisis worker to do an intercession effectual, it involves being able to urge the right classs of action, the right pick of Renaissance man accomplishments and the specializer intercessions connected with a peculiar pattern attack. Besides utilizing cognition to depict the authorization for engagement, that is, make up one’s minding whether we are invited or required to be involved in the state of affairs, crisis worker demand to be able to put the intercession in ways that address the demands and outlooks of the person in crisis.

To be an effectual crisis worker, one needs to larn how to do appraisal and trade with people in baleful state of affairss. Practicing a theoretical account for step ining in crisis state of affairss can assist crisis workers to be cognizant of the constituents of an effectual response to crisis. James and Gilliland ( 2008 ) stated that, it is deserving holding a theoretical account of intercession for crisis workers that is direct and effectual ( p. 37 ) .

James and Gilliland ( 2008 ) developed a six-step theoretical account for crisis intercession. This theoretical account focuses on listening and moving in a systematic mode assisting people in crisis to recover back to an equilibrium province. The first three stairss, specifying the job, guaranting safety and supplying support are focus more on listening while the last three stairss, analyzing options, doing programs and obtaining committedness are focused on action ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

The first measure of the theoretical account, specifying job, is to understand the issues from the point of position of the person in crisis. This requires core hearing accomplishments, congruity, credence and empathy. The 2nd measure of the theoretical account, guaranting safety, which is necessary by maintaining the person and the crisis worker safe by cut downing any possibility of physical and psychological danger. Guaranting safety is a uninterrupted portion in the procedure of crisis intercession. The 3rd measure of the theoretical account is supplying support by pass oning attention and emotional every bit good as informational support ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

The forth measure of the theoretical account, analyzing options which is frequently neglected by the person and worker, is to research different options available. Options can be examined from three possible positions. The first position is situational supports which are people who know the single soon or from the yesteryear that cares about what happens to them. The 2nd position is assisting the person in placing get bying mechanisms or actions, behaviours, or environmental resources that might assist them acquire through the present crisis. The 3rd position is helping the person by analyzing the thought forms and happening ways to reframe the state of affairs in order so that the person ‘s position of the state of affairs would be changed which in bend lessen the person ‘s anxiousness and emphasis degree ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

The 5th measure of the theoretical account is doing programs where the person is supported to do a really elaborate program that outlines everyone that can be contacted for immediate support. Collaboration is of import in order to allow the person have a sense of ownership of the program, as France ( 1996 ) had stated that order can come to what has been a helter-skelter state of affairs as the single work on a program ; a sense of self-denial and enhanced self-prides can be attained when single property touchable advancement to their ain attempts and realistic hope can turn as the single program classs of action, so experience success ( p.48 )

The last measure of the theoretical account, obtaining commitment consist of inquiring the person to sum up the program verbally or in some instance where deadliness is concern, the committedness may be written down by both parties. The end is to allow the person to perpetrate to the program and take definite positive stairss designed for them to travel towards recovering a pre-crisis province of equilibrium ( James & A ; Gilliland, 2008 ) .

In decision an effectual crisis worker needs to hold a strong base of theoretical cognition, proficient accomplishments, features and right traits and personality. Although everyone can larn crisis intercession through reading books and practicing and get the hanging the accomplishments in intercession, but a good trade of features and the right personality of a crisis worker can do crisis intercession more efficaciously.

Peoples with type A personality are non suited for crisis work as they are really competitory, impatient and easy aroused to anger. They experience a changeless urgency fighting against the clock. They become impatient with holds and unproductive clip and would make many things at a clip ( Mcleod, 2011 ) . Peoples with such personality are non suited for crisis intercession work as they do non hold the forbearance to listen and understand the state of affairs. Although velocity is indispensable, crisis workers must hold the forbearance to pass on with the individual in crisis and non worsen it by acquiring angry themselves when the job is non solved.


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