List digital business achievement isn’t clear and full

   List of Figures 1.      Introduction. 2 2.      Literature Review (theoretical part). 3 2.1        E-commerce.

3 2.2 Customer Experience Management 4 2.3 Artificial Intelligence (AI). 5 2.4 Augmented Reality.

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5 2.5 Internet of Things. 5 3.      Case Study. 6 3.1        Implementation of Digital Technologies. 6 3.

1.1         Strategies to be used and its benefits. 6 3.1.2 Improved customer experience.

6 3.2 SWOT Analysis. 7 3.3 Legal Framework.

8 3.4 Digital Leadership. 9 3.5 Trends and challenges of digital technologies. 10 .. 10 3.6 Summary of case study.

11 4.      Recommendation. 12 5.      References.

12                                                                                                                      1.     Introduction  Plantronics is amanufacturer of world class headphones and other related accessories for audiocommunication, the products and the company is well recognised worldwide forquality and product range it offers. In like manner fordifferent businesses, the street to digital business achievement isn’t clearand full of troubles of choosing the right key bearing and making due in an inevitablybrutal aggressive condition. Not all who take after the course survive. Be thatas it may, regardless of whether it’s the new companies or a current business,what they have in like manner is that the individuals who succeed figure outhow to improve to take the privilege key choices about innovation of newproduct and its management of inventory along with marketing startegies.

 This report isplanned to analyse the impact of e-commerce strategy for Plantronics with aportion of the learning and reasonable abilities to explore their associationtowards digital business. An important aspect for this report is to differentiateand review the senior management choices which are needed by te investorsmoving to new or latest technology driven business and analysing the procedureby which these choices will be made.  This report answers the following question:How should they go about implementing two or more of the aforementioned digitaltechnologies? What benefit will it bring? What will it look like? How will itimprove their customers’ experiences? Justify why they should do this. What arethe possible implications both internally as well as externally to this change?What should senior leadership do in order to embed these new technologies intothe company culture? What are some risks and what are the benefits of adoptingthese new technologies? Through a systematic research for the benefits anddrawbacks of e-commerce for Plantronics.

                 2.     Literature Review (theoretical part)2.1   E-commerce E-commerce can be explained as selling the goods orservices through online channels or buying the goods through an onlineplatform. These business exchanges happen either as between a business and aend user or customers, or between two businesses, or between two consumers.  E-commerce is conducted utilizing a variety of newtechnological ways but the most common is by using website, some other meansare through using other software’s and technologies.  More companies now endeavour to enticeconsumers directly online, utilizing devices, for example, advanced coupons,web-based social networking marketing and targeted advertisements.

 E-commerce does not only mean buying and selling italso includes marketing strategies and some of the marketing strategies are explainedlike marketing through e-mail in this method bulk emails are sent to a largeonline consumer base. The next type is making your website looks like a brochurewhich will help the end user or consumer to understand the products and he canmake his choice accordingly. One other important aspect is building relationshipswith the existing customers, new customers as well the vendors as they are themain pillar for the successful implementation of the e-commerce platform andits smooth running. The last stage should be optimisation of the currentsite according to the new technology available it will help in keeping theconsumers updated and business can grow faster. However, Introducing new technology isn’t all that isrequired for success in presenting e commerce and computerized business.Clearly defined objectives, creating the correct culture for change, blend ofabilities, partnerships and authoritative structure are seemingly moreimperative. The principle business drivers for presenting e commerce andadvanced business are opportunities for increased revenues and reducing costs,however numerous other benefits can be identified that improve customer serviceand corporate image.

   2.2Customer Experience Management Customer experience management is a procedure used to track, superviseand compose all communications, with a specific end goal to enable a businessto concentrate on the requirements of its customers. This training is intendedto ‘close the hole’ between the expected customer experience and the realcustomer experience.  Giving incredible customer experiences can help makesteadfast brand advocates, who will probably spread positive informal exchangeabout your image.  Reinforcing brand unwaveringness would then be able toprompt higher spend.

Brand promoters will regularly spend more, buy more thingsand come back to the business all the more as often as possible.  Guaranteeing your customers comprehend why you’re not quite the same asyour rivals and that you’re a one of a kind substance will assist guaranteethey keep cooperating with you.  As organizations end up endeavoring to stay focused in the present ultra-aggressiveand associated world, customer experience management has turned out to be basicto their prosperity.

Actually, customer experience management is staggeringlyprofitable to organizations of about any size in light of the advantages ofCEM, as laid out by SAS:  a.       Fortify brand inclination through separated experiences  b.      Increment income with incremental deals from existing customers and newdeals by listening in on others’ conversations  c.       Enhance customer faithfulness, and make mark advocates, through esteemedand essential customer collaborations  d.     Diminish customer agitate tobring down expenses  2.

3 ArtificialIntelligence (AI) ArtificialIntelligence is an accumulation of cutting edge advances that enables machinesto detect, grasp, act and learn. It is set to change business in ways we’ve notseen since the Industrial Revolution; in a general sense rehashing howorganizations run, contend and flourish. At the point when actualizedcomprehensively, these innovations help enhance profitability and lower costs,opening more imaginative occupations and making new development openings.

 In the close term,the objective of keeping AI’s effect on society gainful spurs inquire about innumerous territories, from financial matters and law to specialized themes, forexample, confirmation, legitimacy, security and control. While it might be minimalmore than a minor disturbance if your workstation crashes or gets hacked, itturns into all the more vital that an AI framework does what you need it to doin the event that it controls your auto, your plane, your pacemaker, yourcomputerized exchanging framework or your energy network. Another fleeting testis keeping an overwhelming weapons contest in deadly self-governing weapons. 2.4 AugmentedReality  Augmented Reality blends genuine propelled data gotconsistently with a modernized camera in a webcam the main logic behindaugmented reality is giving the end user an experience of real life byproviding the insights of the virtual life. This technology aims at making theusers experience to look and feel like a reality.Orgainsations are utilising this technology fortesting purpose of their products, so even if the user does not have any realdevice or machinery the user will be given a feel that it’s a reality. Forexample many car companies have developed a concept of car driving virtuallythrough Augmented Reality.

 2.5 Internet ofThings Internet of Things is just like a spiderweb in which multiple devices are interconnected by use of technology, thistechnology helps the people to make their life more superior and easy. The combination of in-homeremote headways influences a significantly engaged condition as gadget makersto modify their things to no less than one innovations and test what blendswill exhibit most addressing customers..

 Moreover, the expanding combination ofversatile applications with associated audio gadgets broadens item plan intothe application space, where the client involvement in the application turnsout to be similarly as imperative, or maybe more critical, than gadget outlineby righteousness of the application turning into the central purpose ofcollaboration with the gadget.3.     Case Study 3.

1   Implementationof Digital Technologies Advances inthe earphone and headphone innovation are the critical factors attributingexpanded item deals. The most productive headway in the field of audioinnovation, especially in the customer section, is the noise cancelation andwireless network.  In thecourse of recent years, these advances have risen as key patterns with makersunderscoring on creating items that give quality audio and spare a client fromthe issues of wired items; in this way, clearing route for remote items. 3.1.1       Strategies to be used and its benefits  a.

Develop global communal:Plantronics will focus on specific ‘relatively less-?penetrated, large markets’such as Brazil, India, Mexico and Japan through the use of e-commerce andInternet of things technology. b. Develop products to deliver the most captivatinguser understanding: By using advancedtechnology and integrating it with the headphones Plantronics can attract alarge portion of headphones market. c. Build a accessible infrastructure: Plantronics should build a scalableinfrastructure commensurate to the industry size and customer’s requirements.

 d. Plantronics Platform: Plantronics will develop a platform to fore-commerce and augmented reality through which a large customer base can bereached to try the unparalled quality and technology provided by Plantronics.  3.1.

2 Improved customer experience Plantronics will improve the customers experiencethrough following manner:·        Personalisedrecommendations for existing customers.·        Developmentof email welcome strategy for new online customers as part of development of anintegrated contact or e?CRM strategy delivered through personalised web and email messages andtraditional direct communications.·        Introduceblogs or RSS feeds to encourage return visitors.·        Introducemore participation through customer communities  Source: Implementing e-commerce, digital solutions    The above figures shows the implementation ofecommerce platform along with IoT technology in Plantronics. 3.

2 SWOTAnalysis   Possibleimplications: The possible benefitsthat Plantronics will get by implementing the new technology are given below: ·        Betteroptimisation of available benefits and new opportunities: Implementing new technology throughAugmented reality and Internet of Things opens the entryway for new business openingsand enables Plantronics to profit by new income streams created by cutting edgebusiness models and administrations.  These new technological developments:a.       fabricate solid business cases, b.      decrease time to market and c.       increment in return on ventures.

 This new technological change can possiblychange the way shoppers of Plantronics and businesses approach by utilizing thenew resources in a controlled environment. ·        Increasein the utilisation of available asset: This new technological change will enhance theworkability oof devices and instruments with the use of following advantages(gear, apparatus, instruments, and so on.) utilizing sensors and network, whichenables associations to profit by ongoing bits of knowledge.

Associations couldall the more effortlessly find issues in the advantages and run preventivesupport to enhance resource usage.  ·        Increasein Productivity: Being associated with a most extreme numberof gadgets with high end electronic devices, new technology will enablebusinesses to be more astute with ongoing operational bits of knowledge whiledecreasing working expenses. The information gathered from coordination’sorganize, processing plant floor, and store network will help decrease stock,time to market and downtime because of upkeep.  Better security and measured for safety: The new technology equipped with efficient administrationsincorporated with sensors and camcorders help screen working environment toguarantee hardware wellbeing and secure against physical dangers. Thetechnology framework of  networkfacilitates different groups to determine issues quickly.  Increasing the efficiency: Efficiency assumes a key part in thebenefit of any business.

The new technology offers without a moment to sparepreparing for representatives, enhance work proficiency, and diminish confuseof aptitudes while expanding hierarchical efficiency.  Reduce the cost and increase profitability: One of the important aspect for everyinvestor is increasing the profitability. Use of enhanced resource,profitability, and process efficiencies can spare your uses. For instance,prescient examination and constant diagnostics drive down the support costs. 3.

3 LegalFramework European legislation has issued directives whichoutlines the legal framework for the e-commerce market players andmanufacturers by way of adhering to certain guidelines and principles. The maincriteria or the area of focus in the directives is the protection of consumeron quality standards, data theft, privacy concerns for the consumers,protection of consumer against the adjoining laws and regulations of thesociety. The directives issued are made for properaccountability and to ensure that the organisations are compliant to theapplicable laws and regulatory guidelines. It also helps the organisations towork in a systematic and organised manner and makes it more diligent and concernedto the required customer needs and rights.

 The Directives issued by European Union related toelectronic commerce enhances the legal stability and strengthens the overallpresentations of the principles providing an altogether comprehensiveregulatory framework. Which implies that the regulations will be applicable tothe organisation in which its registered office is situated. The organisations also have to comply with certaindirectives and guidelines which applies to a particular country in which theorganisation wants to expand its business, as every country has its own rulesas well. There are certain directives issued for distance selling as well whichincludes adhering to the quality standards of the country, and other regulatorycompliances. Plantronics has to adhere to the existing legalframework for carrying out is e-commerce business but it will be a worth for acause looking to the high potential given above and it will also helpPlantronics management to strategically define its guidelines for the requiredas per the given directives.   3.4 DigitalLeadership Looking at thetype of industry Plantronics is working and the business structure themanagement of Plantronics is required to follow this approach for a betterimplementation of the new technology. ·        Assessing of risk: Create evidence of ideas to decide scale,and support customers by offering motivators for IoT selection.

Create keengadgets and collaborate with industry players.  ·        Detecting the potential risks: Develop a biological community thatempowers the accumulation of continuous information from brilliant items. Seehow to make the best utilization of information and create capacities foroddity recognition and alarming components.  ·        Be prepared to mitigate the potential riskfor the process: Includeoutsider information suppliers in the biological system; create risk modelsthat can procedure ongoing information created by sensors to help alleviaterisks.  ·        Re-engineering of business process: Shift the accentuation to esteem includedadministrations and associated protection items in view of information andexamination that can help target new markets.

 ·        Skill development of the employees: Customer-confronting representatives shouldbe reskilled in new items and prepared to consider how modified offerings couldbe made from the informational collections produced by customers’ benefits.    3.5 Trends andchallenges of digital technologies Following are the recent and projected trends for theindustry in which Plantronics will be working by implementing the newtechnology.  Source: Economic Intelligence Unit, Morningstar   .  Experts figure the worldwide brilliant headphonesmarket to develop at a CAGR of 19.35% amid the period 2016-2020.

(Deloitte,2017)  Source: Statista ,2018   Some of the benefits for Plantronics will be: ·        Reduces Costs for Inventory Management.·        Reaching Global Market.·        Better monitoring of consumer buying habits andinterests.·        Reduction in labour cost.·        Reduce advertisement cost. Plantronics will also be posed to certain risks whichare as follows: ·        IncreasedSecurity threats.

·        DataPrivacy.·        Identityand access management.·        Complianceand Regulatory requirements.·        Attackagainst connected devices. 3.

6 Summary ofcase study From the above discussion, it can be concluded thatPlantronics will be benefited from the adoption of new technology adoptionrelated to IoT and e-commerce business, it will increase the scalability andimprove the company financials, and the company will be able to map up with thelatest technological trends. However, with every great opportunity comes some riskssuch as risk of identity theft. Non-adhering to the directives and guidelines,non-performance, upper management reluctant for change and IT risk but theserisks can be mitigated using proper technology and positive approach from themanagement. 4.     Recommendation Through this research on the new technology it isclear that adopting the new technology of augmented reality combined withInternet of Things and the stepping up into e-commerce environment will benefitPlantronics in technological advancement and reaching out high quality goods toits increased customer base.

 Augmented reality canpossibly be a tremendous jump in the way we see the world much more than whatthe coming of PCs and cell phones at any point did.  The reconciliationoffers enormous open door for Plantronics to investigate the potential and makepractical business offers for the client ecosystem. In this way, be it speedierand more proficient repair and upkeep of items amid after-deals benefit orenchanting the clients at purpose of offer by offering moment customisation andconfiguration administrations for another super-earphones they are going toarrange, the potential outcomes are huge.  The incorporatedtechnology will open up different conceivable outcomes towards shrewdassembling and change plant, process and secondary selling operations forPlantronics. The adoption of latesttechnology combined with e-commerce platform will support Plantronics in a newdirection of growth and building a huge customer base combined with an advancecustomer experience to the new technology world. Trust from managementand the customer is a critical factor for Plantronics and through the abovementioned ways of handling the responsibility and the expertise of Plantronicsstrategic management will keep the company on track and will be successful ingaining the trust and building a more sophisticated and advance environment.5.

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