List leave these erosions. The water tends to

List and describe common geologic features
in a desert.


Common geologic
features in a desert:

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1.     Desert
Pavement: this is the
result of larger rocks falling, contracting abrasions, freezing and thawing, etc.

and turning into smaller rocks. Desert pavement refers to a more rocky ground.

Most deserts are rockier.


2.     Dry
Wash: Because deserts
are so dry, they are more likely to have flash floods. Land features that look
like rivers dug into the ground are referred to as dry washes. Water from flash
floods leave these erosions. The water tends to get soaked up or evaporated
fairly quickly and leaves these dry rivers.


3.     Alluvial
Fans: These land
features are created by sediment that is left in the shape of a fan. When a
desert stream flows into an open area the sediment is deposited there.


4.     Sand
Dunes: Sand dunes can
take on many different forms based on the wind. The desert sand gets blown
around in different directions that create these features. The types of dunes
are, barchan
dunes, transverse dunes, blowout (or parabolic) dunes, longitudinal dunes, and
star dunes.


5.     Weather Resistant Rock Layer: Weather
resistant rock layer can allow for the formation of chimney cap rocks, buttes,
plateaus, and mesas. Underneath this layer are other layers of rock that are
not so weather resistant. 


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