Listening and Paraphrasing Essay

The first individual I interviewed was my sister’s friend who is 19 old ages old and is in college. She works half-time a crew in a java store merely outside our small town. I asked her about her occupation and how she was able to pull off her clip juggle work and surveies. Harmonizing to her. what she is making is tiresome but she was able to make both activities since it is non coincident and that. she truly has to be able to make so. She mentioned how she prioritizes work over her surveies.

She attends to her category on a regular basis but admits that. most of the clip. she isn’t attentive. She said that she had to lose some of her forenoon categories because she’s excessively tired to acquire up in the forenoon. She gets to lose several categories but ne’er miss even a minute of work. She told me that she doesn’t resent holding to work while analyzing unlike other pupils because she believes that she is larning more and is acquiring personally better when she is forced to work and analyze at the same clip. She takes everything as a preparation for what else worse that could go on.

She said she feels like there’s nil that she won’t be able to acquire through because she has gotten stronger after all the early battles in her life. She besides said that her occupation as a crew is non all about the money she is gaining. She said that she is besides basking the work because she wants to set up concern someday and she is be aftering to prosecute nutrient concern. She has been larning a batch by working and feels more unfortunate than other pupils because she was able to straight use what she learns from school.

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In this interview. I would hold to reiterate some of her replies to do it appear that I am profoundly interested in what she is stating. I have learned that rephrasing besides eliminates bars between two pass oning parties because it makes one believe one is interested with the other’s narratives ( USDVA. 2004 ) . When I repeat what she tells me. I say it in a different mode like this one clip when she said. “I truly don’t head if I don’t acquire excessively good classs. Pass is adequate for me.

I merely know that I am more knowing than them and I understand precisely what the rules are stating. They merely know it by words! ” I would state. “You are no longer after the high classs because you know you understand the topic really good and school classs are merely rating of school public presentation. ” And I would follow it instantly with a inquiry to maintain our conversation traveling. The following individual I interviewed is my gramps who is already 78.

We’ve talked about his life as portion of the naval forces. how he met my grandma and who is his favourite among his kids. The talked about who is his favourite kid is the most interesting portion of our conversation. He said. “Your male parent wouldn’t lift a manus to make something and would wait for his siblings or his female parent or me to go through by so we could make it for him. ” I said. “My pa wouldn’t fuss himself seeking to make something and would hold to trust on person else so he could acquire that something. ”

Having to reiterate their words would intend understanding the affair more clearly ( RMIT. 2005 ) . It is besides a tool for clear uping thoughts. In communicating. it is really effectual because when one feels that the other understands him. he feels more comfy to speak about anything without any vacillations ( Rowley. 2002 ) . I was able to show it when I was able to pull out information from my sister’s friend that is in a more personal degree and when I was able to allow my gramps to convey back the memories he had with my male parent.

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