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Little is known about its origins as the records were destroyed in a great blaze, only that it serves as the epitome of an utopian society, renowned for its orderliness, corruption-free government, and excellent GDP. Many have tried to emulate their society’s system and very few have come close, viz. Dome City, Hendeka, and the Oligarchy come to mind for almost successfully replicating it. The people are governed by a democracy, with elections taking place every 4 years. All candidate must have at least a tertiary qualification and have not been convicted of criminal activities. The government operates on the basis of authoritarianism; the government and its advisory panel having complete autonomy on its executive decisions. The people do have freedom of speech and are allowed to criticise the government although such actions are frowned upon. With regard to the judicial system, severe punishments are often preferred over rehabilitation for criminals. Jury selection is not haphazard, selected individuals are learned and neutral towards the particular case. There has been talk that the death penalty might be introduced, especially for crimes such as murder. Being a capitalist country, it runs on a free market system with minimal government regulation.  However, the government does intervene in economic matters that significantly affect the environment. There is a relative fair distribution of wealth, sufficient production and consumption of necessary goods, and low unemployment rate. Discrimination of any kind, be it on the basis of race, beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation is against the law and thus, the society upholds the principles of fair treatment and equal opportunities. Reverse discrimination is not prohibited but has been  a point of contention for the past few years.Agnosticism is the central belief of the society but the people are allowed to practise other beliefs should they choose to do so, as long as they do not impose them on others in any form. 


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