LOG in the bleakCULTURESPECIAL EFFECTThe UK charity helping

LOG INHELPDOWNLOADREALMSSTOREMENUBUY MINECRAFTJAVA EDITION (PC & MAC) – $26.95INCLUDES EDITION FOR UPDATED TEXTURESCHECK OUT OUR NEW PIXELS! TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!MARKETPLACEAN EVER-GROWING LIBRARY OF COMMUNITY CREATIONS!MINECRAFT: STORY MODEAN EPISODIC ADVENTURE SERIES FROM TELLTALE GAMESALLCULTUREINSIDERMERCHNEWSCULTUREMELODY MAKERA build that makes us want to siiiiiiing from MaestroMK!INSIDERBLOCK OF THE WEEK: GLAZED TERRACOTTAOn the faienceCULTURECOMPLEXCITYAria Creations’ futuristic city finds beauty in the bleakCULTURESPECIAL EFFECTThe UK charity helping people play games!NEWSMINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W03BA Minecraft Java Edition snapshotCULTUREROTTEN RICHESGigeno takes us through a baroque double-decker palaceNEWSWE’RE COMING TO LONDON IN FEBRUARY!Come to the PC Gamer Weekender to see us talk Minecraft and Cobalt WASD!CULTURESNOWBALL FIGHTS AND OTHER DELIGHTS!Pathway Studios tell us how they find brilliant builders!INSIDERBLOCK OF THE WEEK: GOLD OREAmipyrite?CULTURETHE DARK MIRRORIsn’t it a little early for the creepiest build of the year?CULTURETHE GOLDEN RETREATThe most colorful pirate pit stop in the Caribbean!NEWSMINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W02AA Minecraft Java Edition snapshot for 1.13CULTUREGARDENS OF THE ETERNAL FOUNTAINWater Water Everywhere!CULTURESETTING SAILTinyTophy reconstructs the HMS Victory!NEWSFESTIVE FAVOURITES FREE AGAIN!Check the Marketplace for free treats this weekendINSIDERBLOCK OF THE WEEK: ANDESITERock and rollCULTUREVICTORIAN VILLASHaunted by murderous ghosts? Let’s find out!NEWSMINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W01AA Minecraft Java Edition snapshot for 1.13INSIDERA NEW MOB APPROACHESTurtles are paddling into Minecraft!CULTUREDECK THE HALLSA yuletide build from Gemini Tay!LOAD MORE Mojang © 2009-2018. “Minecraft” is a trademark of Mojang Synergies ABTerms and ConditionsBrand and Assets Guidelines EnglishPrivacy and cookiesTerms of useTrademarksAbout our ads© 2018 Microsoftad·ven·tureAn unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.More »


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