Lulled the correlation of ‘thinking’ many people get

Lulled into a bed with a cunning thread of the
tangled web, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by a feeling, a desire, and
an impact on not only your heart but thoughts as well. Soon your body shuts
down, and it goes on its own ways quietly, waiting for a better time. Emotions
are subjective internal experiences that involve both ‘mental state’ as well as
a ‘physiological state’. Emotions in its pure intense form are quite beautiful;
every human has at least once felt the pleasure of a racing heart when we get
excited seeing something we so very love or the feeling of heat and pressure
boiling up when we get upset.  For an emotion to be experienced,
both ‘states’ need to be present. Unfortunately emotions are almost
always looked down upon, as their more of an “irrelevant nuisance”; however,
emotions play a bigger deal than many may think. They have a major impact on
choices, behavior, and on how well people may cope and enjoy life.

Emotional intelligence is the quality that
enables us to confront with patience and imagination that we face in
relationships with ourselves and others. Emotional development is a complex
journey that undergoes firstly in infancy and persists into adulthood. Young
children’s emotions largely made of physical respond and behavior, and as they
physically grow, too small for their shoes or running down the hall they too
mentally grow up, they learn the ability to not only recognize feelings but
also understand they can have opposite feelings to the same situation. Emotions
in this state are increasingly influenced by thinking. Due to the
correlation of ‘thinking’ many people get confused about difference
between personality and IQ with emotional intelligence. However there is a no
connection, you can’t simply predict emotional intelligence based on how smart
someone is. Intelligence is the ability to learn, acquire knowledge, and no
matter how young or old, someone gets, it doesn’t change. However to be more
susceptible and sympathetic to people emotions, that on the other hand can
acquire and improved with long-term practice. It is the foundation for a host
of critical skills, such as management, connection, and influence.

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Civility is defined as behavior
involving politeness and regard for others for the simple return for respect.
The benefits of civility at work, school or home are intense. Positive emotions are
intensifying, both in giver and receiver. Relationships and trust are then
strengthen, this leads to a prosperous environment. People feel valued and
appreciated.  This is why I find importance in the need for civility for
not only the young and old but also our peers. Respecting others is an
attitude. It’s an unspoken way of communication that builds unshaken and strong
relations between people. However it’s important to not confuse respect with
fear. To respect others is to simply respecting oneself, to see one
self in the other person. The awareness about respect must be instilled
in everyone human being from their childhood. It is about acknowledging
differences and accepting another. A successful leader acknowledges and accepts
open communication. Being emotionally aware, means one will be able to
communicate better. It’s the ability to notice emotions of other people, and
how they are feeling influences the way they communicate back. There is a
better understanding of why they’re communicating and sometimes that
understanding of how a person a communicating with another is more important
that what’s actually being said. 

open and bathe everyone in empathy, a dream in pristine colors, windows of my
mind anew. A workplace deep within came to retain its soul, health,
and productivity. Emotions are enduring, they are meant to keep
humans physically and mentally alive. An emotional interaction allows a gateway
for behavior interactions such as communication, an understanding and is
driven by conscious thoughts and reflections.  Emotions can be fleeting,
persistent, powerful, complex, and even life-changing. They can motivate us to
act in particular ways and give us the tools and resources we need to interact
meaningfully in our social worlds


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