Lung slightly more common in males than in

Lung cancer is
one of the most common and dreaded malignancy worldwide and is a leading cause
of cancer-related deaths.(1) It is
responsible for more cancer-related deaths than breast cancer, colon cancer and
prostate cancer combined.(2,3)  Predominantly a disease of the elderly(4)
the average age of newly diagnosed lung cancer
patients is  around 60 years.(5)
It is slightly more common in males than in females(.6) although the trend
appears to be changing now The male and female ratio of >6:1 in
1973 has changed to 1.5:1 in 2008.(7)

               Although smoking remains the
principal cause of lung cancer worldwide(8)
only 10% of smokers develop lung cancer, thus genetic, occupational and dietary
risk factors also appear to play an important role in its pathogenesis.(9) The other risk
factors include, passive smoking, exposure to environmental pollutants, occupational
exposure to chemicals and to the natural radioactive gas radon.(10)
Genetic predisposition, especially polymorphisms of the tumor suppressor genes
and the allelic variants of the genes involved in detoxification, are
implicated in the susceptibility to the disease.(11)

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Despite advances in treatment, the
prognosis remains poor, with only 15% of patients surviving > 5 yr from time
of diagnosis. For patients with stage IV (metastatic) disease, the 5-yr overall
survival rate is


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