MACC 10 January 2018 MEMORANDUM THRU Chief of

MACC                                                                                                                        10 January 2018



THRU Chief of Staff

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Chief of Staff

Commanding General/Chief of Staff


Commanding General


SUBJECT:  Decision Memorandum



For DECISION. PURPOSE:   To obtain Leader Development decision on the recommendation
of alleviating risk, improving efficiency of Keller Army Community Hospital. Recommendation.  CG, approve mandatory one hour stress rule
within the health care facility for no more than 60 minutes per day. APPROVED_______
DISAPPROVED_______ SEE ME_______ BACKGROUND.  During the CG Town Hall held at West Point, NY Taylor Hall 3-4 January 2018.  Several risk identified within the
facility platform, high-risk equipment, out dated policies and
procedures, non-credential personnel maintaining equipment, and hospital stress
due to the workload and extensive hours.  DISCUSSION. Course of Action (COA)
1:  Personnel that encounter unforeseen risk
at the workplace will immediately be relieved of current task.  Such action may cause friction of incoming
staff that needs relieving and patient continuity. COA 2:  Personnel that encounter unforeseen risk at
the workplace may take a 60-minute break to step away from the current task.  Such action may cause personnel to duty hours
to extend beyond normal work hours.  COA 3:  Personnel that encounter unforeseen task at
the workplace may take the 90-minute room, returning to work the following duty
day. Such action may limit staffing causing other staff to perform duties. IMPACT.  I recommend
selection of COA 2: Staff action significantly influences personnel alleviating
hospital stress due to workload and extensive hours.   COORDINATION. 

____________         CONCUR/NONCONCUR________DATE

G-1/4___________         CONCUR/NONCONCUR________DATE


POC is SSG Arthur Ricks III, USCC, (845)-938-3140,
[email protected]   


                                                                             JOHN B. DOE

                                                                             Lieutenant General, MS

                                                                             Commanding General


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