MAJOR now, they should offer massive discounts. Other



HP is one of the leading IT Industry
Operating in the World. HP provides Hardwares, Softwares and IT Solutions so it
has different competitors with respect to each service they are providing.

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Change In Technology:   Since Technology is
changing everyday for the betterment. New technologies never get enough
importance and the new tech models expire before the time. i.e. As Technology
is changing rapidly, new technologies decrease the value of other latest
innovative products and sales are decreased of other products of their own
brand and IT industries than have problems in selling their other products.



IT Industries should sell their
old products with discounts and if products are really hard to sell now, they
should offer massive discounts.

Other thing they should keep in
mind is not to increase the production of their products much. Production
should be nearly equal or slightly higher than the demand so they will finish
their products on time without selling them on any discounts.


Conflicts between Employees:  Conflicts between employees of an
organization usually creates unhealthy environment in the workplace. There are
certain employees which are real quick to point their finger on others when
they lack performance or do something wrong. These activities of employees
creates conflicts in the organization.


Team work helps in avoiding workplace
conflicts as it helps in understanding each other’s issues and emotions and
people behave likewise.

Defining what is one’s duty to him clearly
can avoid conflicts in the workplace as you are responsible for what you are
supposed to do and you have to do it on time and no one other than you will be
responsible for your activities. This behavior of an organization reduces
conflicts because their employees know not to point fingers on anyone else for
your mistakes.







Client Satisfication: IT Industries have many clients and it is hard to satisfy each and every
client. Some clients are really hard to satisfy and Manager himself has to deal
with them.


IT Industries
should provide excellent customer service to the clients. Responding to the
queries of your clients enthusiastically and quickly builds their
satisfication. An Organization should offer a special discount or offers if anything
occurs opposite to the client’s expectations to keep their sales.


Employee Issues:  Employee issues means
problems any employee faces in their personal life that disturbs his
professional life too. Employee issues decreases the productivity of IT industries.


There should be a good
Manager-Employee relationship in any organization.

If there are problems in the personal
life of any employee which is disturbing him. Organizations should provide him
counselling to express and relieve himself.


Performance of Employees: Good Performance of all the employees are necessary for any organization.
IT Industries mainly depend on their machines still employee performance has an
important impact on their organization. Bad Performance is a really big problem
which needs to be nipped in the bud.


Be Precise and direct to confront the
employees of their performances.

Provide your employees retraining and
coaching to cope with their lack of performance or make some employees mentor
of the ones that are lacking performance so they can follow them.





Increase in Price of Products: When Dollar Prices increase, Taxes and other duties also increase due to
which Importing procedure becomes expensive. IT industries increases the prices
of their products which results in the decrease in their sales and company
faces severe loss.


Let your customers know that the
price increase is necessary to maintain the good quality of the product.

You can show your customers the
comparison price of your product to several other same products to show that
the price increase is not as much high as it seems to be.

Show your customers that how your IT
Industry worked to avoid the increase in price. You should also prepare some
points to show the importance of using your product.


Satisfication Of Online Costumers: Online costumers are as important as other consumers. It is hard to
satisfy people about your product online. Manager have to deal  cleverly to satisfy the online buyers.


Replying to all of their queries fast
can satisfy your customers.

Present your products as how much
your customers need your product how satisfied they will be after buying your


Import of Faulty Products: IT Industries in Pakistan mostly import their products from their
international offices. Importing faulty product delays their deliveries and
also affects their commitment. It affects the Customer-Salesman Relationship
should always be there.


Products should be checked right
after importing. They should always import extra products so no problem occurs
at the end time and so there is no delay in deliveries. Products should be
imported earlier so problems can be solved early and no problems occur at the
time of the delivery of the products.


Human Resources: Employees are the backbone of any IT Industry. Employees generally come
up with latest tech ideas for their organization so hiring a good staff is
necessary. The problem is how to find the right employee for your IT industry?


Offer good salary and rewards to your
employees. Your offer should be good enough not to be refused.

Checking the Background of any
candidate before hiring them is really important.

Employee Recruitment process should
be fair.


Public Relations: It is usually said that IT industries are poor in public relations. Every
Industry must have good Public relations staff to market their products as a
benefit to their customers.


IT Industries should hire great
Public Relations staff as customers loved to be in brands that are constantly
engaged with their customers.

Public Relations establishes good relationships with peers
and costumers.

Public Relations makes your industry
looks how necessary is your product or service to solve customer’s problems.


Budget Problems: As Employees of IT Industries are highly paid. IT Industries sometimes
get low budget problems. They have to take the best employees with you and it
is  generally necessary to pay them high
to keep them with your organization.


Fix an amount to set aside from your monthly profits to use
on only when revenue of your organization drops below.

Eliminating unnecessary costs and spendings of your
organization. Cut unnecessary spendings in unimportant areas such as employee

Eliminating the job positions that are not necessary in your
organization’s operations

Combine the duties of some positions will help reduce the
overall costs of an organization. 

Consult to Financial Counsellers for
your organization to help with low costs.


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