Major Social And Economic Problems Social Work Essay

The Arab World is used to mention to the Arab-speaking states. The Arab World has 25 states and district with an estimated population of 358 million persons. The Arab universe is unified, by a common linguistic communication which is Arabic ( Reynolds 2007 ) . Despite the fact that the locals have their ain version of the linguistic communication, there is the standardized conventional linguistic communication that is used in the full part. The states that make up the Arab World are developing economic systems. Their gross from exports is peculiarly from oil and gas. In the recent old ages at that place has been a considerable growing in economic system.

This has been as a consequence of the rise in monetary values of oil and gas. The monetary values really went up three times between the twelvemonth 2001 and 2006 ( Ismael and Ismael 2008 ) . The growing besides resulted from the attempts of the state to accomplish growing in economic system. Nevertheless sing the sum of resources that the Arab universe has, it has non achieved to its possible in footings of economic and societal development. In fact the consequences of struggles, countenances every bit good as tenancy in Sudan, Iraq and Palestine have led to worsen alternatively of advancement. The Arab World has faired ill in assorted facets of development ( Ismael and Ismael 2008 ) .

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This paper looks at the major societal and economic jobs in the Arab World today.There are assorted economic issues confronting the Arab World. Water might non look a job to many parts of the universe, but being an of import resource for economic development, it is endangering the growing of the Arab universe economically. Due to the addition in population, coupled with the scarceness that has been apparent in the Arab universe for a long clip, H2O is acquiring to be far more valuable than any other trade good in the part. The lone beginning of this valuable trade good is shared among assorted states both inside and outside the part. The scarceness of H2O beginnings for the increasing population, led to competition for the small that was available, that even resulted in struggles.

There are assorted H2O beginnings in and around the country that are a beginning of struggles. They include the River Nile, the Euphrates, the Tigris and River Jordan ( Ismael and Ismael 2008 ) . There are other land H2O beginnings in Israel and West Bank that besides cause dissensions in the country.

A direct effect of the H2O issue is the demand for big importing of nutrient. This has made the Arab universe the least food-self-sufficient country globally. Most of the states in the Arab World usage desalination workss as a beginning of H2O.

This is achieved by obtaining clean H2O from sea H2O. This is nevertheless a really dearly-won procedure and with the available engineering it does non offer a permanent solution to the H2O issue in the country ( Reynolds 2007 ) .Another economic job in the part is the deficiency of industry. The Arab World lacks developed and technology-oriented industries.

The part has huge resources, but the unfortunate thing is that they so non use these resources to get cognition. Information and cognition are the indispensable drivers in the detonation of engineering and commercialism. If the Arab World has utilised its resources to derive the needed cognition, the part would be in the front line in this current phenomenon.

The part has therefore depended on importing for endurance. This is because the part has a really little production and a weak agricultural foundation. Locally produced capital merchandises are about non-existence in the Arab World. They rely on imported machinery and equipments for conveyance, telecommunications, electrical energy, H2O purification, and edifice tools.

The ground why there has ne’er been fabricating industry in the part is over trust on Western engineering ( Lewis 2004 ) . This does non intend that the part has ne’er had a dream of constructing the industry. They had but it unluckily remained a dream due to the over trust on the Western developed industrial universe coupled with deficient work force preparation, as mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, some of the states in the Arab universe like Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt, have expertness to develop industrially and technologically.

These states are capable of taking the industries and engineering bing in Europe and re-export the goods produced to the available market in Europe ( Sullivan 1999 ) . One illustration to bespeak this is the fabric and garment bring forthing mills in Syria. It is possible for the states in the Arab universe to develop sing the sort of resources at their disposal. However, deficiency of industries is still one of the major economic jobs in the part. Related to hapless industrialization is the job of investing. Investing, both local and foreign is a major factor in economic development, particularly in this epoch of globalization. Unfortunately for the Arab World, investings have been a let down. The portion of the part in the universe capital distribution is still really low.

This is despite of the potency that the states in the part possess. The deficiency of investing that hinders the flow of the universe capital to the part is as a consequence of many barriers. These hinderances are the same that hinder the move toward the wide-ranging development. As was mentioned in the issue of H2O, most of the states in the Arab World are faced with struggles and clangs. Most of the states in the part experience political, tribal and sectarian clangs. The job is that there are no attempts either locally of jointly have been in a place to manage the intractable issues. It is non possible for foreign investors to put their capital in states that are faced with such sorts of crises.

Investing is ever possible in a peaceful atmosphere where the investors are assured of returns to their investing. The cardinal factor that attracts investing and capital flow is political every bit good as societal stableness, without which this can non take topographic point ( Ismael and Ismael 2008 ) . Capital is ever in chase of maximal additions. This is the job faced by the Arab World every bit far as foreign direct investing is concerned. It is non possible for investors to set their capital in undertakings that are likely to be destroyed or fail at any point in clip.

The other hinderance to investing is bureaucratism and corruptness. It is clear that corruptness is one of the greatest enemies to investing. These administrative restrictions do non supply an effectual environment for.

The last hinderance to investing is the deficiency of effectual feasibleness surveies. This is an obstruction because without perpetrating resources to feasibleness surveies, there is no investor who can put on the line puting in an unpredictable environme Referer: hypertext transfer protocol: //sn142w.snt142.mial to happening out the viability and profitableness of a part considered for investing ( Lewis 2004 ) .Apart from the economical jobs, there are societal jobs confronting the Arab World. The current approximated population of the part is 325 million persons.

The population spans two continents. The country that the Arab universe covers is about one and half times the United States. Females make up about half of the full population. The part histories for a average population growing rate of 2.4 per centum. This is a lessening from an approximated average population growing rate of 2.6 per centum during the period between 1985 and 1995 ( Reynolds 2007 ) . Despite the lessening in the average population growing rate, the part histories for the highest growing rate among the major parts worldwide.

With this sort of growing rate, the population of the part is projected to 400 million persons by the twelvemonth 2020. The distribution in population in the Arab World is non unvarying with some states like Egypt and Yemen being overpopulated and most of the other states being under populated ( Sullivan 1999 ) . This indicates a considerable disparity in population size between states in the part. There have been warnings to by the United Nations functionaries against the high rate of population growing in the part. The statement was the addition in the figure of people could do holds in growing and development.

This besides could take to other societal immoralities like societal agitation and struggles. High population is without uncertainty a job to the environment and resources. This is because it is likely to do force per unit area on public resources and on the environment.

High population is besides a lending factor to poorness. This is due to the force per unit area on the resources that might non be sufficient to provide for the high Numberss of people. The job in the part is that the job of growing in population has non been handled as one component of comprehensive development. This has led to the escalating of the job.

It is impossible for economic development to take effects without taking attention of the rate of addition in population. Education is another issue that faces this part. It is approximated that 30 per centum of the population is the part is illiterate. This is an overpowering figure in this age of enlightenment ( Lewis 2004 ) . Despite the fact that instruction is acquiring more accessible and the gender disparity is going a thing of the yesteryear in the remainder of the universe, this is non the instance with the Arab World. The part has non felt the effects of enlightenment felt in other topographic points like Asia and Latin America. This is peculiarly in literacy degrees every bit good as secondary and third instruction ( Sullivan 1999 ) .

The sort of system of instruction available is non effectual. This is due to the fact that scholars are being made to larn devoid of being shown how to make it. A batch of studies have revealed the fact that the people from this part do non read. Even the class that is considered literate by virtuousness of go toing school is by and large illiterates by the degrees of literacy in the universe.

This issue has a batch to make with the economic state of affairs of the part. Peoples who read are the 1s who have the privilege of trim clip and fiscal resources. The poorness that is evident in this part leaves persons contending to last their full life. Reading in this status is impossible.

The facet of security is indispensable to every human being regardless of nationality and socioeconomic position. Persons in the part have come to see security as being associated with issues in their day-to-day lives. Security is difficult to accomplish in the face of political and societal struggles in the Arab universe. For many of the people in this part insecurity comes in many signifiers. There are issues related to deficiency of nutrient, misdemeanors of human rights, diseases, deficiency of occupations, environmental issues and political domination.

Most of the people at that place have lost immature people due to underage labor ( Tschirgi 1994 ) .


This paper looks at the major societal and economic jobs in the Arab World today. As already discussed in the paper, despite the fact that the part possesses valuable resources among them oil and gas, it is apparent that it continues to confront overpowering economic and societal jobs. The job of H2O that has resulted in struggle through competition for the small that is available.

There is the issue of deficiency of industries and foreign investing. These are some of the economic issue that face the part. Social issues include deficiency of high population, deficiency of proper instruction and insecurity among others. The issues confronting this part are changing and overlapping. The jobs are non merely in societal and economic facets, but other such as political relations and civilization.

This is a state of affairs that is likely to go on sing the fact that nil is likely to alter in the close hereafter. There is likeliness of a rise in joblessness, deficiency of lodging and instruction every bit good as many other issues in the part. What holds for the hereafter of the Arab World depends on the authorities and the policy shapers in the part.

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