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Making The Perfect


If you’re looking for a
healthier alternative than smoking cannabis, one of the best alternatives is to
try edibles. Infused brownies, cookies and muffins are not only delicious but
they’re a fantastic, discreet way to get your daily dose. While you can buy
edibles in your local dispensary or online, you could try making your own for
great value for money and for even greater variety.

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If you’re going to make
your own edibles, one of the best ingredients that you’ll need is cannabutter.
So, “what is cannabutter?” you may ask. Well, as you might guess from its name,
cannabutter is cannabis infused butter – incredibly simple to make at home, and
even easier to use, whether spread on bread or used in baking recipes. Of
course, your cannabutter is only going to be as strong as the weed you use to
make it with, so make sure you get the strain right before you begin.


Activating Your


The first step to making
cannabis infused butter is to activate your cannabis. Raw cannabis has no
effect at all, so it needs to be activated in order to turn release the
psychoactive elements of the THC compound. You can activate your marijuana by
applying heat to it in a process called decarboxylation. You can do this by
preheating your oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, then spreading your bud onto a
lined baking tray or pyrex dish with plenty of room between so the air can
freely circulate to ensure even heating, before popping it into the oven to
bake for 40 minutes. Once it is cooked, it will have become crumbly and dry.
Now, you can move on to the next stage.


The Heating Process


Use a medium sized
saucepan and add a quart of water. Bring it up to the boil on your stove.
Always check to ensure that your marijuana is floating around 2 inches from the
pan’s bottom. Once the water has started to boil, put your butter into the pan
and let it completely melt. You need four sticks of butter for every ounce of
cannabis. After the butter has fully melted, add your baked marijuana then turn
down the heat to its lowest setting so it is barely simmering. Leave to cook
for about 3 hours. You will know that it is ready when the mixture’s top goes
from looking watery to looking thick and glossy.


Straining The Butter


As your butter is
cooking, you can prepare the bowl ready for the finished product. You will need
either a heatproof bowl or a plastic food container. Whichever you prefer, you
will need a double thickness of cheese cloth placed over its top, secured
firmly in place with tape, string or elastic. Once the butter is ready, strain
it carefully over your bowl or container, trying hard not to spill any. Once
the pan is empty, pick the cheese cloth up on all 4 sides, and carefully
squeeze any remaining liquid out.


Cooling The Butter


Leave your cannabutter
for around an hour to cool down and then put it into the fridge until your
butter has finally risen up to the top layer to form a solid block. Now, remove
from the fridge, run a knife carefully around the edge of the bowl or container
and carefully lift off the butter. Place it upside down on your countertop and
carefully scrape any remaining cooking water off its surface. Your cannabutter
is ready and good to use.


Cannabutter In The Slow


If you would rather make
your cannabutter in a less intensive way, you can always make it in your slow
cooker if you have one. This may be a longer method, but it’s super easy and
involves very little effort on your behalf.


Simple turn on your slow
cooker to its lowest setting and pour in a cup of water, then add a pound of
unsalted butter and between one and one and a half ounces of ground up cannabis
flower. Put the lid on your slow cooker and allow to simmer on the low setting
for between 8 and 24 hours, only removing the lid occasionally to stir.
Remember, that the longer you allow the butter to simmer, the more CBD and THC
will be infused in the final product.


The Easiest Method Of


If you’re looking for
the absolute simplest way to produce your own cannabutter, you should consider
investing in a Magical Butter machine. This innovative gadget takes all of the
work out of making your own product, and is ideal for anyone who doesn’t really
spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Incredibly simple to use, this machine does
absolutely everything for you, grinding, heating, stirring and steeping for a
flawless result. You won’t risk making a mistake, getting burned or wasting any
of your precious bud, since you’ll enjoy perfect cannabutter any time.


What Can You Do With


The possibilities once
you have made your cannabutter are virtually endless. If you like sweet treats,
why not add a couple of teaspoons to some warm maple syrup to eat with waffles
or pancakes? Or if you prefer savory food, use it to butter your panini before
you grill it. Alternatively, why not use it as part of a meal by using it to
sauté some asparagus before serving it with garlic and Parmesan cheese? Of course,
you can always use it to cook up a delicious batch of brownies, cookies or
muffins too, or just spread it on your toast to set you up for the day in the
best possible way. You can even store it in the fridge for up to 6 months as
long as you keep it in either an airtight container or thoroughly wrapped up in
plastic wrap.


Cannabutter is a
wonderfully versatile way of getting your cannabis dose and, as you can see,
it’s really easy to make it yourself. Have fun experimenting, and enjoy your
infused butter!







with Dosages

Dosing is extremely important when it comes to edible’s. Too much
THC in your edibles can lead to anxiety or even a bad buzz which can last
hours. Too many people take too much THC through edibles and end up not feeling
very well because of it. We are going to explain dosing so that you don’t blow
your friends mines or your own.

The cannabis material used to make cannabutter will directly affect
the strength of the finished product. If you start with Schwag which is low quality
brick weed or trim from your grow, then estimate the THC content at around 4%.

If you are using high quality cannabis including homegrown or
medical cannabis your THC content should be estimated at around 10%. If you
have information about the strain you can retrieve the exact THC average from
the packaging or from the seller.

The THC Formula

1 gram of
cannabis = 1000 milligrams

10% of 1000 milligrams is 100 milligrams

Average cannabis THC is 10% so one gram of cannabis contains 100 milligrams
of THC.

The next factor we must calculate for is how many milligrams of THC
are in the batch of cannabutter.

If you used one ounce of average 10% THC cannabis to make one cup
of cannabutter; you would have 2800 milligrams of THC in that one cup of butter.
If you made a batch of cookies containing ½ a cup of the cannabutter to make a
batch of 36 cookies each cookie would contain an average of 38.8 milligrams of
THC. Since we used 1400 milliagrams of butter (half) you divide 1400 mg by the
total servings which in this case is 36.

If you end up with cannabutter that is too strong you can always
add more butter to the recipe to dilute the amount of THC per serving. When
testing out a batch of edibles its always wise to start with half a serving and
then wait 2 hours before finishing the dose to make sure it isn’t too strong.




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