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Many college students spend a lot of time considering what their passion is or what they want to do as a career in order to be successful in life. I, myself, have spent countless hours studying and practicing in many different fields and have taken on many different roles. I have worked in restaurants, offices, as a makeup artist and an entrepreneur.  Finding the right field can, and has proven to be difficult, not only because of the variety of options, but also the fact that sometimes we are not sure of what we like. Fortunately, there are a huge amount of careers that we can choose from. I am glad that I have already found a passion that I can turn into a career which is managerial accounting. Managerial accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, analyzing, interpreting and communicating information for the pursuit of an organization’s goals. Managerial accounting is a great career because it creates well rounded people by developing the following skills: math, attention to detail, problem solving, and time management. ?Having a career that works with math is important for the purposes of being able to communicate with many different people. Increased migration and globalization has created a need to integrate the various different cultures, races, and languages and in order to do so we have to create a system of communication equally accessible to all (Banks). According to Banks’ research, in the United States, approximately one in seven student speaks a language other than English at home. All of these students find it hard to communicate in solely one linguistic language, for this reason math- a language of numbers- is necessary in our education system and our careers.  Our societies are built on business with and between many different groups of people, there are countries doing business with other countries and their cultures. A language as universal as math can help facilitate understanding of business for entrepreneurs and can also make it easy to bridge communications between different cultures and societies. Not only this but it is a way to have people work together without conflict from misunderstanding because numbers mean the same thing from one language to another. In big global businesses like Amazon, there are bonds called strategic alliances which are partnerships between organizations which are formed to create a competitive advantage (Kurtz). Amazon has so many fields they have to cover such as retailing, technology services, marketing, customer service, and others in order to fulfill all these fields they have to create strategic alliances based on numbers and business exchange. A person that understands managerial accounting is able to communicate with other managerial accountants that are representatives of each of these subfields and coordinate the productions and success of their companies.?A second skill that is developed through managerial accounting is attention to detail. Examples of the attention to detail taken into account in managerial accounting are control orientation ie. goal setting, cost targeting, cost allocation determination, and other details (Wongchinda). While these may seem foreign concepts to non business persons, these are actually things we do everyday in our lives. Everyday people are setting goals for themselves, it could be something as simple as grocery shopping for the week or as complex as starting an online clothing company. A ten year study about goal setting has showed that goal setting is most likely to improve our performance when the goals are specific and challenging (Locke). Setting a goal is a form of attention to detail because we have to specifically focus on which aspects of those goals we need to complete first in order to ultimately accomplish the goal. For the example of grocery shopping, if we simply have the goal to grocery shop without any attention to detail-  which groceries we will buy, what food will we make with that food, the shelf life of those foods we purchase, the prices of the foods- we may end up with a ton of different foods that we can not really do much with or we may end up spending over our budgets. In managerial accounting this skill is important for the success of the business, because businesses have to set goals, determine how much money they are going to spend on their goals, then decide where they are going to source their products and many other managerial sort of tasks. Overall, managerial accounting helps a person develop skills for their business and their own personal growth through the attention to detail required to effectively plan. ?Another reason managerial accounting is a great career to choose is because through this people can better their problem solving skills. As mentioned before, managerial accounting requires math and math inherently requires problem solving skills. Managerial accounting involves taking care of the finances of some form of company or even a family household and this means having to understand how finances work and what motivates people to buy stuff. An article by Rumana Shaikh titled, “What do you do when your SME Small-Medium Enterprise is not making money?” discusses these very topics. She goes on to say that in order to solve the problems associated with not making money a business has to analyze and understand the time and resources invested, purchasing capacity of a customer, price thresholds of similar products in the market, and the net profit margin per sale. The skills of being able to think critically and analyze problems is useful in life outside of managerial accounting because it can help persons deal with their own problems like home finances, planning their educational goals, and overall success in life. We practice problem solving everyday, some common examples are driving. We have to make quick decisions in order to arrive to our destinations safely and efficiently, or even in our homes. Referring back to the grocery shopping example from the last paragraph, if we go out and buy random groceries we would need to problem solve how to use those groceries effectively in order to produce a delicious and nutritious meal. The problem solving skills gained from managerial accounting can help to efficiently navigate through life and create a successful career.?Lastly, managerial accounting is useful for the improvement of time management skills. Time is the one thing that everyone has equally, every single person has twenty-four hours a day. The calculated use of time has the ability to change a person’s life for the better. In business there are two sayings that apply very strongly in the case of time management: time is money and work smarter not harder. The most valuable and equal asset every single person has is time, and learning how to take control of our own time is necessary for personal and career development. In managerial accounting the inability to manage time properly can also lead to costly mistakes, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, incompetence, and inadequacy (Ademi); time is money and a waste of time is a waste of money. Learning time management through managerial accounting is a strong investment in an individual’s success not just for their career but for their life. Time management also helps better our prioritization skills. Prioritization involves making a list of responsibilities and tackling those which are most important first and foremost. Prioritizing, in essence means to work smarter not harder by taking into account what the most important steps for success are and executing those before anything else and taking care of the smaller less important stuff on a later timeframe. By learning this skillset one can successfully manage their life, their household, their business, their education, and any other venture one sets out for themselves.  ?Out of the many choices and careers a student can choose to go into, managerial accounting has proven itself to be the best for both personal and career development. The skills obtained from a career in managerial accounting extend beyond life in an office to life at home, personal development, even to small tasks such as grocery shopping and meal prepping. The amount of success that can stem from managerial accounting is enough to convince students to switch over to an education in that field. Managerial accounting can help with the development of the following skills; math, attention to detail, problem solving, and time management. Math is a universal language that can be learned by all. Learning math skills can help bridge communications between global businesses and local communities, leading to growth not only for individuals but for society as well. Attention to detail is an important skill to have because it can help with planning things efficiently. In addition, problem solving can help address those plans and any problems that may arise in the execution of those plans. All of these skills paired with good time management skills create a well rounded, focused individual capable of taking on any endeavors they set their mind and succeeding or even excelling in those endeavors. All the skills learned from a career in managerial accounting are indeed conducive to a productive, efficient lifestyle for those who desire success in their endeavors whether that be in business or in their personal lives. 


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