Maria stirs a feeling inside of you. However,

Maria Halton

Professor Price

Art Appreciation

Assignment 2

What is Art?

is difficult to define, due to the fact that it is subjective, and the
definition has changed many times throughout the years. However, what we do
know about art is that it is meant to make the viewer feel something and has
been proven to improve the quality of human life. Art has been an integral part
of humanity since prehistoric times, when people created drawing on the walls
of caves to portray stories.

to the textbook, Understanding Art by
Lois Fichner- Rathus, “The very word art
encompasses many meanings including ability, process, and product.” One idea of
art includes the ability to create a thing that makes people feel something. In
terms of process, this is the more literal definition which includes drawing,
architecture, painting and sculpting. This includes the actual act of making
art. Lastly, the product refers to the completed work. This can range anywhere
from a building to a dance performance.

class, we discussed many different styles of art and art works. For example, we
discussed the controversial Mona Lisa. Many students, including myself, did not
know what made the Mona Lisa so special. However, after we examined it further,
my appreciation for the painting grew. Another piece of art work that we talked
about was Dale Chihuly’s Fiori di Como. The
blown glass ceiling installation reminded me of another artwork that I had seen
at the Atlantis Hotel, and after some research, I realized that both art
installations were done by the same artist. This brought back nostalgic feelings
of my vacation, which is proof that this art made me feel something.

is art? “is a complex question. In my opinion, art is something that stirs a
feeling inside of you. However, there are many people who disagree with this.

Some people believe that art must have structure and purpose. It would be
incorrect to say that these people are wrong, due to the fact that art is
conceptual. It is up to the discretion of each person to decide their own
definition of art.


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