Marijuana can lead to easier access to the

Marijuana is the most common
drug in our society today that people use in their everyday lives to get away from
reality. The drug
gets introduced to young adolescents
in high school which leads
to them being addicted throughout their adult years. Many youngsters tend to try to
find a way to escape their troubles and the stress they may have.
The most common escape from reality is drugs, and marijuana is a huge part of it. Young people who start to
use marijuana at a younger
age tend to get addicted and may have a harder time to stop consuming it. Every year, the
amount of usage of marijuana increases even when they realize it’s a crime.  Legalizing marijuana can lead to easier access
to the drug amongst underaged teenagers. If the drug were to be consumed often it can lead
to brain damage. Also, marijuana can be the gateway drug to other dangerous
drugs such as shrooms, cocaine, meth, LSD and many more.

Since the use of
marijuana is currently
illegal in Canada, it is harder for some people to access the drug itself. Since youths become introduced
to drugs in high school, they are able to find a source who is selling
marijuana, but it is not that simple.  If
a student was to get caught with marijuana, they will face consequences. Students
do not want to be caught purchasing marijuana off the streets or having
procession of the drug as they are afraid of facing the consequences. In
other states where marijuana is legal, studies show it is easier for adolescences to get their
hands on the drug. This
could be as their parents are using it for medical reasons or for other benefits, which could lead a teenager to take the drug
without parent’s permission or knowledge. If a student were to get caught with the drug,
they can use their parents as
an excuse to get out of it. If marijuana were to become legal, teens would use the drug out of curiosity which
could include students who have never done drugs before or students with strong
religious beliefs and much more.  

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Due to stress levels, many
teenagers tend to smoke marijuana. Also, teenagers who are facing some sort of depression
may also tend to use drugs such as marijuana. It allows students to feel relieved and usually
they don’t tend to think about the after-effects of the drug. Previous
research on the effects of marijuana has shown that’s consuming heavy marijuana before the age of 21
can result in irreversible long-term damage. Adolescences do not realize the effects the drug may have in the
beginning until they have been using for quite a while and a dramatic change
has happened in their lives. For example, some
side effects you may have include forgetting tasks you were supposed to
remember or something you learned in school doesn’t come to mind the next day.
Scientists have learned that it takes a brain about 25 years to develop completely. The teenage brain is still
developing and has not completely formed into adult brain. Heavy
consumption during teen years can kill your brain cells which will take a slow time for the brain to develop

Marijuana is
also the number one “gateway drug” in our society today. This gets people to want to
explore other drugs out of curiosity. It is most common with teenagers who start off with
marijuana which then leads
to an interest in doing other dangerous drugs without realizing the negative
after-effects beforehand. Just like how they consume too much marijuana, they will try to consume
too much of the other drugs which lead to addiction. People who are
addicted to marijuana are more likely to be addicted to other drugs. As soon as people are addicted
to a drug, it is much harder to stop the addiction. The legalization of
marijuana will tend to
increase the availability of
the drug for people to purchase. This may encourage people who already use marijuana illegally to try
severe drugs for the first time. As well, drugs are bad for one’s health.
It will have large negative
effect in the future and especially for teenagers.


Krista Lisdaha (Ph.D.), an
expert in the field of psychology has done a study on the use of marijuana on
young adults.  She is the director of the University
of Wisconsin Brain Imaging and Neuropsychology Laboratory.  Krista is studying the effects of marijuana
use on the brain
and how the brain functions with adults who consume heavy marijuana. She has seen an
increasing result among teens that are regular users. More teenagers use
marijuana than they are using alcohol daily and if marijuana becomes legal
there would be a dramatic increase in daily users.  Krista
has found very strong evidence that marijuana is addictive and daily users deny
the facts. People who are depressed or who
have schizophrenia tend to smoke marijuana on a daily basis but, that is not
the main cause.

marijuana will expose teenagers
to the drug one way or
another. They can be exposed by their parents or older siblings which
will allow them
easier access to the drug due to it being legalized. It will build major curiosity to people, especially young adolescents.
They would want to try marijuana which can cause addiction. Addiction could lead towards
too much consumption which
can lead to brain damage. Marijuana
has a huge influence in today’s society as well as being the number one escape
drug. Marijuana is the beginning for people to continue to try other drugs with
severe side effects. It plays a major role in young adults lives as the
addiction they had when they were younger tends to follow them in their adult
ages. As the addiction grows, it becomes harder for them to stop consuming the
drug itself and will cause them to feel the need of the drug more and more.
Drugs are a significant impact to change someone’s life from positive to negative.   




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