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Bell’s mother was occasionally absent from her home. Mary was born not knowing
who her father was, she believed it was Billy Bell. He was a criminal who was
arrested for being part of an armed robbery. When Mary was young her mother had
attempts at killing her. She reports that she was a victim of abuse at the age
of four. Later in Mary Bell’s life, when she was around eleven, she strangled a
four-year-old and a three-year-old to death. Not only did this process just
happen to Mary, but it happens to most of the serial killers today. Three
things that cause someone to become a serial killer are abuse in the killer’s
childhood, the presence of unusual brain patterns, and it shows up in their
genetic make-up.


of the most popular causes of becoming a serial killer is the abuse that is shown
in the killer’s childhood. Author John Cafourek quoted that Ressler’s research
has shown that “100 percent serial killers had been abused as children,
either with violence, neglect or humiliation”. In addition, the article done by
Heather Mitchell and Michael G. Aamodt, students at Radford University, observed
that in 1992 there was a study that “over 40 percent of the serial murderers
reported being physically beaten and abused in their childhoods.” At least 70
percent of them said they had seen or have occurred in a nerve-racking
experience when they were children. Overall abuse is a central source on how
serial killers are developed the way they are.

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Killers have different brain patterns that cause them to have a motivation to
kill. In the article, “Inside the Criminal Mind” by Lizette Borreli, she shares
Jim Fallon’s research on the study of brains of serial killers. Jim Fallon
believes that “People with a low orbital cortex activity are sociopaths.” Not
only did Fallon discover a unique trait about serial killers, but also a
forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Morrison, studied serial killers and found
similarities between all of them. Morrison says that a chromosome defect is
likely a prompt. “This chromosome abnormality begins to show itself during
puberty, especially in men who display their homicidal tendencies”. She has
done some brain scans and the scans show that serial killers never develop a
feel of affection to the world, which allows them to kill without empathy
(Gray). Given these points, you can conclude that serial killers possess
different brain patterns than most people.


interesting cause of becoming a serial killer can be linked in your genetic
make-up. Laboratory technicians looked at a gene and found a genetic variant on
an X chromosome, this gene produces the enzyme monoamine oxidase-A (Parshley).
If this chromosome is left unchecked certain chemicals can build up in the
brain and can cause a loss of control of violence and aggressive behavior.
According to the article, “The Warrior Gene” by Aaron Gardner, he states that
everyone has the so-called “Warrior gene” that is linked to severe violence and
aggression, but an early life event like abuse would have to trigger it.
Overall, the chromosome called “The Warrior gene” is in your genetic makeup
that can cause you to become full of aggression and potentially become a serial


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