MCP Midterm
what are the 5 exclusive rights held by copyright holder?
Reproduce, Distribute, Make Derivatives, Perform, Display
What is a Public Gathering?
A performance at a place open to the public; or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances are gathered.

According to public performance copyright law a band that covers your song (w/o permission) in a free public performance or donates all the proceeds to a charity allowed?
not allowed
According to public performance copyright law is renting a video at a hotel allowed?
What is a Derivative Works?
A derivative work is based on one or more pre-existing works.A derivative work also requires that the new work creatively transform or adapt the work upon which it is based.
What is Reproduction?
A work is reproduced when it, or a substantial portion of it, is duplicated and fixed in a tangible form.
What is Distribution?
The copyright owner alone controls distribution of the work to the publicwhether by sale, gift, loan, lease, or rental.
What is the def of Display for a copyright?
For works of fine art, only the copyright owner has the right to display them publicly. Like a performance, a public gathering is required.

Owners may control display rights for visual works until the work is sold. Once sold, the buyer may display the work publicly (but not broadcast it). Motion pictures permit “home use” display only. Public showings require a license.

What is the def. of Performance for a copyright
To recite, render, play, dance, or act it, either directly or by means of any device or process or, in the case of a motion picture of other audiovisual work, to show its images in any sequence or to make the sounds accompanying it audible.
How are Fictional Characters Protected?
If the characters are well developed and recognizable, they can be copyright protected from any form of copying or unpermitted use.Also, actors may acquire rights of publicity in their TV or movie characters.
What is not covered by Copyright?
Ideas, Functional Objects (Useful Articles), Names, Titles, Works in the Public Domain, Works that should be Patented or Trademarked, Facts or Data