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Melanie JonesMrs. SchwartzHonors English Lit.20 December 2017Irrevocable FeelingsTheatre groups have been recorded as early as 501 BC but they didn’t become beloved until the middle of the 15th century. William Shakespeare, a soon to be a playmaker, being born in 1564 just after the end of this century joined fell in love with putting on and writing plays. His alleged first play is a historical performance titled Henry VI Part ll and he went on to create a bounteous amount of comedies, tragedies, and thrillers in his writing career. Shortly after the Renaissance period, Shakespeare wrote one of his soon to be most famous plays; This play was labeled as Hamlet. Hamlet has many characters with their own flaws and quirks. Multiple people in this book were cheated out of their lives in tragic and gruesome ways, however, one important character was spared their life. Horatio, Hamlet’s best friend, was one of the only survivors of the drama and sadly it wasn’t a satisfactory feeling he felt when he continued living on but one of grief and heartbreak because he was Madly in love with Hamlet. During this period of time all around the world gay couples were not accepted, especially gay royals, it was unheard of. Being gay in the medieval and renaissance periods was often punishable by death. While the medieval era was going on homosexuality was not worthy of death but was widely unacceptable in the church systems. People often viewed men marrying men or women marrying women as marrying a type of brother or sister since they were of the same gender. In today’s world Hamlet and Horatio would be free to love each other for who they are but unfortunately for them, their love would have to be kept behind closed doors and out of the public eye, otherwise many consequences would most likely follow quickly behind them. Hamlet, being a royal child, would most likely lose his prince position and be treated like a peasant and Horatio would assumedly be put to death because he was not of royal lineage.Horatio was a loyal friend since the very beginning when Prince Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, died mid-sleep. Horatio was going to honor King Hamlet’s death. Only a true follower would attend a gathering like that to support their “friend.” This yearning need to protect and care for Hamlet followed on throughout the book in many different circumstances. Ensuing the funeral for Prince Hamlet’s father his ghost was spotted by Horatio and the guards watching over the kingdom. Horatio, wanting to keep no secrets from Hamlet rushed to him right away with the news. Hamlet was very trusting of Horatio in that he was telling the truth and went to see right away. If Horatio did not love or even like Hamlet he wouldn’t have hurried to tell him the news of his father right away, people who love each other don’t hide things from their companions. Hamlet really looks up to Horatio because he has all of the qualities a person should have that he doesn’t think he has such as Horatio has great luck and doesn’t let anything bring his spirit down and self-control. Hamlet does the first thing that pops into his head. Having Hamlet be happy and trusting with him really brings Horatio’s feelings more into view as he would do unimaginable things to make him happy.Horatio, following along with Hamlet’s plan to expose his uncle/step-father of killing his father, King Hamlet, agrees to watch Claudius’s reaction to the play Hamlet puts on that re-enacts the supposed murder of his father. Just after Claudius reacts very actively upset about the play Hamlet rejoices his victory and Horatio is happy but tries to bring his dear “friend” back from his high. If Horatio was simply just a friend to Hamlet he wouldn’t have tried so hard to calm him down and maybe even help plan revenge ideas possibly. However, lovers are peacemakers and act as various people to their significant other such as their partner, a mother figure, a friend, and an advisor. Horatio acts like all of these and does his very hardest to keep Hamlet from getting in trouble or hurt whether they both realize it or not.Closer to the end of the book and Hamlet’s life there is a massive duel with Laertes which leaves the queen, Laertes, the king, and Hamlet all poisoned and destined to die within a very short time frame. When it was Hamlet’s turn to finally see the other side Horatio knelt down next to him and was saying sweet nothings to Hamlet so it didn’t seem like it was such a bad way to go. Horatio, thinking about how he would never see his “friend” again was about to drink from the poisoned cup as well and follow Hamlet into the afterlife. This part of the book really brought attention the fact that they both deeply cared about each other much more than they showed the public as Hamlet refused to let Horatio drink from the poisoned cup and asked him to live to tell his side of the story so his name was not ravaged.Hamlet felt so strongly that Horatio deserved to live he went on “Please, give me that goblet if you love me. Let go of it! I’ll get it from you, I swear. Oh God, Horatio, what a damaged reputation I’m leaving behind me, as no one knows the truth. If you ever loved me, then please postpone the sweet relief of death awhile, and stay in this harsh world long enough to tell my story.” Horatio, feeling sad and overcome because of his lover’s death and last words immediately started telling why Hamlet acted out in the way he did and preserved his name fulfilling his dying wish. In summary, Horatio and Hamlet were very much like Romeo and Juliet in that their love is forbidden and had to be kept a secret at all times.The worst feeling in the world is knowing they can never have what they love because of social constructs, especially since no one and nothing can control or change what you love. It was very clear with the last few lines of the book and all of Horatio and Hamlet’s actions put together that they were unconditionally in love with each other and that Hamlet never truly loved Ophelia or his mother in more than a platonic way.


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