Miles the rich kids. He survives and the

Miles Halter is a new student at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama. He leaves his home for the
search of a Great Perhaps. Pudge was a loner at his old school, which makes him nervous on making new
friends. He makes friends with his roommate, Chip “the Colonel” and his group of friends, including Takumi,
Lara, and Alaska. They give Miles the nickname “Pudge” because of his skinny looks. The night before
school starts, Pudge is duct taped like a mummy, and chucked into the school’s lake by the Weekday
Warriors, the rich kids. He survives and the Colonel assures pay back against them. As time passes, Pudge
becomes closer to his new friends. An important part of the group’s bond is trust. Takumi tells Pudge that it
was Alaska out ratted out Paul and Myra, two Weekday Warriors who broke all three of the basic school
rules. Pudge stays with Alaska during the Thanksgiving break, after lying to his parents that he has a lot of
work to do as a reason for him not visiting them. The two spent a lot of fun time together, growing closer to
one another. After Christmas break, the group plans a prank in which they send progress reports to some of
the Weekday Warriors’ houses. When they return to the campus with a successful prank, Pudge, Alaska,
and the Colonel play Truth or Dare. Pudge is dared to makeout with Alaska and does. Alaska wakes up the
same night to answer the phone and drives away from campus without stating a reason why – just telling
Pudge and the Colonel to burst more firecrackers to distract The Eagle (Mr. Starnes) as she drives away.
The next morning, it is announced that Alaska died in a road accident. Horrified by her death, Pudge and
the Colonel investigate on what might had happened. They had ignored Takumi all this while, but somehow
they unwillingly allow him to join them in their investigation. One day, Takumi remembers that Alaska
remembered it was the day after her mother’s death anniversary while she was talking to Jake on the phone
before she left. However, it stays uncertain if Alaska’s death was an accident or a suicide. To celebrate
Alaska’s love for pranks, the group conduct a prank at Speaker Day for Alaska’s remembrance. They call a
male stripper pretending to be someone else to speak. Whilst he is speaking, Lara asks him to take his shirt
off and so he does. The Eagle understood that they must have done this intentionally, however, he finds it
suitable to commemorate Alaska. In the end, Pudge is cool around Alaska’s death, realizing that he will
never completely understand her, but she will always be honoured by those who were close to her


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