MINISO States, Canada, Russia, the UAE, Vietnam and

MINISO is a Japanese-Chinese brand that was founded at Japan by a Japanese designer, Junya Miyake and Chinese entrepreneur, Ye Guofu in September 2013. MINISO is operated by MINISO Industries Co. Ltd and the team is split into two which is the design team lead by Mr Junya in Japan while business development team is leading by Mr Ye at MINISO’s China office in Guangzhou. MINISO’s vision and mission is planning to become a world-class retailer which means it is trying to expand their business globally and allows the global consumers to purchase their quality goods at affordable price.  Since the target market of MINISO is mainly teenager which age from 18 to 28, Mr. Junya, chief designer of MINISO has designed their product while correlating to the philosophy of “simplicity, nature and good quality”. It means MINISO wants to provide simple and stylish product design in reasonable price and placed their brand proposition of “returning to the nature”. Moreover, MINISO also adhere to the brand spirit of “respecting consumers” which committed to share meticulous shopping experience to the global customers.  MINISO’s sales revenue increased rapidly and continuously since they started their business 4 years ago. Moreover, MINISO has achieved strategic cooperation with more than 60 countries and regions including United States, Canada, Russia, the UAE, Vietnam and Malaysia on year 2017. MINISO has opened more than 2000 stores around the globe and they are still expanding with an average monthly growth rate of 80 to 100 stores in both China and other country.              Analyse the latest three?years company’s performance. (Revenue and profit)? ?As an international retailer,?MINISO has established a comprehensive strategic partnership with many?countries.??According to the MINISO business?profile,?revenue of MINISO?in?2015?is RM 3 billion?(MINISO 2017).?This is because MINISO had done a good performance in opening several stores in two developed countries which are Singapore?and?United?Arab Emirates.? Singapore is the first international venture of MINISO,?they are operating well in Singapore as the culture of Singaporean is suitable for MINISO’s expansion plan?because Singaporean are sensitive towards fashion changes and suitable to the?philosophy built on and shared by MINISO. In addition, MINISO?expand their business?in?United Arab?Emirates as?the citizens of U.A.E. are having a high purchasing power in the world. Therefore, MINISO has achieved good sales and revenue based on their good performance in Singapore and Dubai.? In next year, sales of MINISO is increase from RM 3 billion to RM 6 billion based on the MINISO business profile?(MINISO 2017).?This is because MINISO had?signed strategic cooperation agreements with over 40 countries and regions. They are?opened more than 1,400 stores around the world, this shows that MINISO has a better performance in 2016 compared with previous year.? In year 2017, their revenue is increasing drastically, recently. MINISO open more than 600 stores around the word compare to previous year.?With the good performance of MINISO, they are planning to open 10,000 stores among 100 foreign countries in future 2 years.?   


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