Misuse of power working with vunerable groups

The focal point of attending of this essay is on ‘The potency for professional abuse of power by wellness attention professionals when working with vulnerable groups ‘ . The writer of this paper will turn to a figure of issues as they relate to the subject inquiry, which includes, depicting a vulnerable group nominated for treatment and why they are at possible hazard, there for sketching illustrations of abuse of professional power and seting frontward schemes to turn to state of affairss that arise, offering attacks that prevent the abuse of power from go oning in the hereafter and summarising statute law and professional codifications of behavior involved with client attention of the vulnerable group. The group nominated to exemplify the potency for professional abuse of power is those who live with a mental unwellness. There are a figure of grounds why this peculiar group has been chosen and they include, the thought and impression of marginalization, and societal stigmas associated with holding a mental unwellness. This wellness attention issue is an issue that crosses all societal and economic boundaries and divides society. In yearss gone by, the positions held by many in our communities had been consistent with the impression and thought of ‘out of sight out of head. Thankfully community attitudes are altering so to wellness attention patterns towards the intervention of a mental unwellness. In malice of these alterations at that place still exists the potency for mistreatment and the abuse of power by some professionals who non merely exacerbate the job of the patient but besides bring the profession into discredit.

The following will now discourse as to the grounds why by giving illustrations of abuse of power that some wellness attention professionals are entrusted with. History Teachs us many lessons, the histories of maltreatment of mental wellness clients and patients are many. In depicting illustrations of maltreatment by attention workers the construct of what are boundaries will be discussed. Discussed in the context of what constitutes what is acceptable and what is deemed inappropriate. That is, from the position point of observing the points where medical staff can asseverate power and to what extent this means in footings of patient rights.

Boundaries can be looked at from a figure of points of position. For illustration boundaries can be seen as those sets of regulations that set up the evidences by which one engages. For case boundaries can be established by clearly defined sets of ordered and structured statements that indicate the mode and manner in which clients are dealt with. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nrgpn.org.au/ 2nd August 2010 ) .

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They can come in a figure of signifiers that appear in the form of ; Acts or Torahs, policies, work topographic point patterns and so on. Take the Mental Health Act, for this assignment the Author has used the illustration of Act content from the Western Australian Act 1996 where Part 7 discloses Protection of patients ‘ Rights to be given ) . ( Http ; /webcache, googleusercontent.com 27th July 2010 ) .

Professional boundaries can be described as those conditions that distinguish between sets of behavior that may decrease the wellness results of the patient. The thought and impression of what boundaries represent and mean can best be summed up by stating that they are those sets of conditions that conveying about an credence of each parties functions and duties in a peculiar relationship.

In drumhead they set the criterion where by clearly defined sets of conditions establishes a mode of behavior and behavior that informs the worker what they ought to make at the same clip informing them of what this means in footings of their relationship with the patient. In the context of illustrations of the abuse of power, one could quite easy conclude that the abuse of power occurs when a worker crosses those professional boundaries of trust and disregards their committednesss and duties which in bend create the potency for the inappropriate attention and intervention, which consequences in hapless results for the client.

With regard to the concern of forestalling maltreatment by wellness attention professionals, the issue of criterions and crystalline diagnosing and rating of a mental unwellness comes to mind. In bend the issue of making and keeping sets of criterions are of import factors in forestalling maltreatment. Important because they ( the criterions ) establishes manner and method of non merely intervention but of agencies and steps of developing a more structured manner of non merely suitably measuring those with an unwellness but besides guaranting that the diagnosing falls within peculiar guidelines.

In footings of transparent patterns, clearly defined guidelines need to be put in topographic point that shows an unfastened and ordered agencies by which patients are so processed and dealt with. Standards are the key to pull offing the bar of maltreatment of the mentally ill. Standards from the point of position of gaining measured and ordered attacks to the patterns of caring for the mentally sick every bit good as vouching carnival and just direction of the patients concerns.

In covering with the issue and concern of developing attacks to pull off the potency for extinguishing maltreatment from go oning in the hereafter the proposal for a much broader run of pulling the attending of the communities understanding to what is traveling on makes for a point from which to get down.

Measures for extinguishing maltreatment must take on a much broader and wider audience. The issue is both a societal 1 every bit good as a political 1. The consequence of such a run must take topographic point within all quarters of society. The failure to turn to the concern as a much broader societal issue can hold black effects non merely on the client affected by maltreatment but besides on the profession it self. There must be a greater accent placed on consumption processs and testing every bit good as safety cheques put in topographic point within the profession. A greater degree of direction patterns that are consistent with criterions that place accent on intervention results and doctor/nurses accomplishments developing must take precedency.

Medical staff must besides be cognizant of all resources like the Australian Health and Ethics Committees resource kit sketching good medical pattern in doctor/nurse patient communicating. These set of guidelines focus on how physicians ( communicate with patients and the demand to discourse intervention programs including information on hazards, and, restricted fortunes when immediate proviso of information may non be desirable ) . ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nhmrc.gov.au 21st August 2010 )

This will assist to guarantee that degrees of precautions are established and put in topographic point that dictates the evidences upon which patients are treated every bit good as guaranting that those who provide the service are able to get by with the related concerns in off that creates good ordered work patterns.

As mentioned in the above bar of maltreatment of mental wellness patients is a societal concern. The stigma and stereotyping that has gone on in the yesteryear has merely exacerbated and enhanced the typical stereotypes that exist in society for far excessively long.

The sort of head sets that exist does non in any manner help the state of affairs at all. Failures to recognize the concern in its societal context will make little to soothe those who seek and wait for the sort of alteration that will convey about work topographic point patterns that are null of those mind sets described in the above. In order for the above to hold any impact it must be accepted that people suffer from mental unwellness in all quarters of our society. As stated antecedently it does non know apart and traverse all cultural and societal boundaries both socially and economically. In visible radiation of this statement the following will turn to in farther item the mechanisms where by alteration can be affected and by what means it can be achieved.

However it must foremost be acknowledged that societal and professional alteration is non ever an easy thing to accomplish. It must besides be acknowledged that our society is based on sets of rules and thoughts that are cardinal to the manner it functions and operates. In that context so it must be accepted that we all no affair what our temperament, are afforded rights of consideration and regard.

The sort that are and should be common topographic point within a democratic society that operates and maps on rules of equity and equality for the multitudes, the sort of rules that entitles each and everyone one of us just intervention. Based on the place so it should be no surprise that is turn toing concerns of abuse of power and the subsequent maltreatment of power by wellness attention professionals should and must be governed and managed by sets of processs and patterns that are consistent with these rules.

Frequently mistreatment in the work topographic point can be linked excessively much broader societal images and attitudes. That ‘s why work topographic point patterns must be supported by a much larger organic structure of idea and action that spells out rather clearly that the embezzlement of power against those who have small control over their state of affairs must be enforced. That is in the context of statute law and authorities and judicial direction orders that set up clear and compulsory codifications of patterns. This in bend must be supported with compulsory and accomplishments based preparation for professionals to better pull off the hazard of inappropriate behaviors and actions.

In analyzing the points raised in the above a instance survey found in Ethics and jurisprudence for the wellness professions 3rd edition, by the writers Kerridge, Lowe and Stewart ( 2009 ) illustrates good, a figure of of import and cardinal concerns when sing issues of abuse of power and behaviors that are inappropriate. For illustration the writers in puting out the instance survey of a adult female who was enduring from instance of low ego regard talked about the type of power dealingss that are tipped in favor of the head-shrinker.

The writers in drumhead ( depict the results for the adult females in footings of misappropriate diagnosing and ill-treatment with regard to medicine and direction of the unwellness. The Authors go on to province that Psychiatrists diagnose patients as holding mental unwellness, commit them against their wants or free them from imprisonment, give them mind-altering substances and administer electro-convulsive therapy ) ( which means the application of electric current to specific countries to the caput to bring forth a generalized ictus ( Mental Health Act 1996 portion 5 ) . These power instabilities are the cause of many of the ethical issues in psychopathology ” . Kerridge, et, Al ( 2009, p. 499 ) .

In short if a place had to be taken, as to the primary ground behind the abuse and maltreatment of power by wellness attention professionals and this can be applied across the industry as a whole, so it would necessitate to be one non to dissimilar to that stated by the writers in the above. That is, much of the concerns that the mentally sick face are based on power dealingss that are tipped in favor of the professional wellness attention supplier. The instance survey mentioned in the above is one that is all to typical of the sort of head sets that pervade the profession. This is a premier illustration of those dealingss that exists and one which is representative in the manner that it seeks to pull off the cause and consequence of the patients ‘ status and in the procedure takes off non merely their rights but besides their self-respect.

Finally, and in summing up, this paper has attempted to supply a treatment, although brief in item points for consideration when it comes to issues of the abuse of power towards the mentally sick by some wellness attention professionals. This brief treatment has attempted to foreground non merely the demand for the direction of concerns in a much broader context but besides in footings of the internal institutional administration of intervention of patients. This paper offers for consideration a figure of considered points to chew over as they relate to legal and ethical concerns of a other wise stigmatised and marginalised group. Vulnerable they are but non without rights. As a consequence of sing this subject in more item, if there is one point of consideration that the writer of this paper would wish to portion as a consequence of contemplation, so it would be this. The duties of wellness attention professionals are tremendous. They are the sort of duties that impact deeply on how patients are engaged and managed. Profoundly, in both the context of their much broader duties and deeply in the context of the societal effects of their actions as they relate to the wellness results of the patient. And eventually the above has reviewed the legal and ethical considerations that are cardinal to the pattern of wellness professionals making what they have been trained to make, prosecuting the patient in the sort of relationship that in bend helps to forestall the abuse of power by wellness attention professionals.


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