Most closely interlinked, interrelated and interdependent. Both depend

Most of human
behaviour and experience takes place unconsciously, we are not aware of why we
feel or why we act in the manner that we do. By studying psychology at degree
level I can achieve an in-depth knowledge of how the human mind works and also
become conscious of how our mental processes affects a persons present and
future disposition.

Everything a
person does is connected to this subject, psychology has always unknowingly
been applicable to my daily life, various insignificant activities that occur from
observing people to pass time, interacting in relationships or talking to
friends about emotional trauma. For a long time, I have grown passionate about
working in a caring role with people, I have a strong desire to help people
with the challenges they face in their everyday lives and to empower
individuals to lead better lives, this is the reason I wish to further my
education in psychology.

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By taking A-level
Sociology, I was able to see how both Psychology and Sociology are closely
interlinked, interrelated and interdependent. Both depend on each other for
their own comprehension. Alongside this, I took communications and culture at
A-level in which psychological theories can be used to support some concepts,
for example, Maslow’s theory of ‘The hierarchy of needs’ being used in
psychology to demonstrate the humanistic approach and in communications and
culture to help demonstrate the understandings of ‘the self’.


Amongst the major
specialty areas in psychology, I have developed an interest in clinical
psychology, specifically mental health. My interest grew when I read Elyn R.

Saks ‘The center cannot hold: My journey through madness’ She expresses how the
outcome of schizophrenia is not inevitable, people with severe psychotic
disorders including herself can lead fulfilling lives. It urges a push for
broader emotional therapies for the mentally ill in tandem with pharmacological

However I’m
interested in all aspects of psychology, and have broadened my knowledge to
different areas of psychology such as developmental psychology. Thus I’m
currently reading Daniel J. Siegel’s ‘The developing mind’ which has
highlighted the importance of the link between our childhood upbringing, social
relationships and brain science.



By taking a gap
year I have been able to explore psychology in greater depth. I am currently
retaking my Psychology A level part-time. I believe studying independently has
taught me the ability to motivate myself and to take responsibility for my own
education. Since deciding to apply to university I have started to undertake
further study by taking an online course with future learn on people with
intellectual disabilities. Since beginning this course I’ve discovered that
there is a distinct communication barrier that these individuals experience. As
a result of learning about the stigma that these individuals face, I’m looking
into starting volunteer work with adolescents and adults with special needs, I
trust this will allow me to help on reducing prejudice and discrimination
experienced by children and adults with intellectual disabilities, but also
benefit me by working in the area I’d like to further my career into, it will
allow me to gain practical qualitative knowledge, along with giving me an
insight on building rapports and overall improving my communication skills.


There are multiple
qualities required to pursue a career as a psychologist. Which I believe I
possess and will develop throughout my time at university, such as becoming
more independent and being challenged academically and socially. A degree would
be an important step towards achieving my goal of becoming a psychologist.








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