Most has given. Today this issue of market

economic issues arise because of scarcity of resources. Thus, it is crucial to
use, produce and distribute these resources in an efficient manner. Nowadays,
we often interchange between the use of market reasoning and moral reasoning,
between using the available resources and improving, between the man`s economic
need to survive even if morality is at stake and the use of maximizing scarce
resources. These arises the issues of black market in the selling of human
organs, prostitution, surrogate mother and other moral issues made us think on
what is really morally and ethically upright to do?   Does
the end justify the means?

J. Sandel, in his lecture entitled What
Money Can`t Buy: The Moral Limits of Market is an awakening call for to
all. There are actually important things in life that money can`t buy like
friendship, love, trust worthiness, home, family and the like but so to speak
the scarcity of resources with unlimited wants enables a person to do unethical
and immoral act to survive. The well renowned 18th-century philosopher Immanuel
Kant held that we are obligated always to act in a way that expresses respect
for the dignity of humanity. He believed that all of us, no matter where on the
array of wealth, talent, happiness, or other regard we may be, have a worth
beyond price – we are valuable. 

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would good to every Filipino citizen to have  high regard of moral individuality, love of
God and fear on Him, fear for the sins committed in words, thoughts, and deeds
but forever joyful because God loves mankind so much that He gave his only
begotten son Jesus Christ to save them from our sins. It is the duty of every
Christian to share God`s love to all and giving value of the life that God has
given. Today this issue of market reasoning for moral reasoning is a
phenomenon. This is happening and yet only a few have given attention on this
or maybe others know it already but enjoyed the perks of wealth and happiness
at the expense of others. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing.
Thus, the distribution of wealth also displays increasing inequality, it`s
directly proportional. Someone recently calculated that the total wealth of the
entire bottom 40 percent of the American population equals the wealth of one
man, Bill Gates – over $40 billion. Is there anything wrong with this gap? The
answer is, yes there is and this could be best illustrated to the different
moral issues underlying behind and beyond. According to Sandel, too much
inequality in the basic structure of society undermines the fairness of
agreements people make—to undertake certain jobs, for example, at a given wage.
In a sharply unequal society, people are not truly free to choose and pursue
their values and ends.

only society were arranged so that people’s choices to buy and sell things were
truly – a hundred one percent voluntary, rather than polluted by unfair
bargaining conditions where the poor has left no choice. What that, moral,
common goods, ethical acts may exists. The freewill and intellect given to us
can be used accordingly and with accountability. As what the philosopher Rousseau
said man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.



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