MOTIVATION anything about engineering, that is a tough



My decision is not based on my formal
interest, but a distinct choice. Since I was a child, I was really into justice
and crimes, and turned out learning about Law became one of my hobbies. As
growing up, I figure out I could excel in other aspects ranging from
litterature to science. My sense and my ability for science grew slowly in me
that I do not even notice I have a nack for those subjects. Although I study
Computing at highschool, it was really not my favorite subject. It was not
until the beginning of grade 12 that I started to realize that I had a strong
connection with computer and software as I often lose myself in home recording,
video editing and designing. Strange as it might sound, I decided to pursue
this field, knowing that there are infinite obstacles ahead. For a female
student who do not really know anything about engineering, that is a tough
decision, but also a brave one.

Software Engineering is a great
combination of the amazement of language that I am fascinated about and my true
ability. I myself noted that I had good abilities in such subjects as
mathematics and computing (the GPA for these subjects are 9.3 and 10
perspectively). Code to me is another kind of language that everyone has the
same chance to learn and to absorb, it shows equality just exactly the way that
laws are made to show, and Software Engineering forces me to collect data,
think logically like a lawyer combine laws from law books and convince others.
This not only made me realize that I could follow what I’m good at but also
increase my interest for language.

Studying Software Engineering is not
the same as “Get rid of your liking for law”. My interest for Law identified my
role for the community is to devoting for its development. I chalenged myself
by participating in different volunteer organizations with the hope to bring
happiness to people around me, from my family to even strangers. Besides
community work, knowing how to cooperate with machines will help me to
successfully acquire in-depth skills for Data scientist – which I consider to
be my future career, bring out the concept of Computer science to apply in
different industry, and finally to assist others jobs needed in the society. That
to me is how a “valuable citizen” defined.

The intellectual curiousity about
specific techniques related to the subject is a reason why I am attracted to
the Software Engineering program in Saxion University, which is a well-known
Applied science university in Netherlands. The school is famous for its
preeminence in the information technology field and the high professional
environment, complete with an proficient faculty and inventive research
resources. I am also impressed by the unique curriculum and intensive subject
syllabus. I particularly interested in the project skills development, software
design, databasess, IT and law, and the Specialisation part in the final year.
Also the fact that Saxion University links its students with many lecturers who
are leading experts in their field is the fundamental reason of why I desire to
study exact here. I do believe that apart from my strong will for Software
services, my clear intention for the community, and my willingness to change,
together with my high academic results I achieved (GPA: 91%) and an advanced
English communication skill (IELTS band 7.0), studying at Saxion, I seek to
combine all the knowledge and ability I have gathered over the years and try to
intensify my command and my passion for software engineering, and in the
future, Data science. I would like to say that if I become a student of your
university, I am confident that I will be a worthy student, not just because I
would be self-motivated and accomplish my goal, but I will definitely
contribute to the development of the Software services in different industries.
My heart sings everyday as I have found what I want to do in my life. I love
fatasizing myself  being an expert in
Data analyst and Data scientist who gathers and creates their own information
and bring out the valuable “insights” that the marketing sectors or the company
need for the success of their campaigns. I plan to use the specialized
knowledge I absorb from the course to dedicate for the Software services in my
home country, Vietnam, and then hoping to make distinguished impacts on the
global Software services.

I am confident that I will match the
high standards set by your Committee and I will be able to greatly contribute
to the program. With the explicit purpose bearing firmly in mind, I strongly
aspire to secure admission to pursue undergraduate studies, with adequate
financial assistance in your program which is the Saxion Living Technology
Scholarship since I myself realized I can completely meet the requirements for
this scholarship. Having the chance to earn the scholarship to study in this
evironment, I would be so proud as I could continue the long and rich history
of the school, and the story of how the Hogeschool Enschede and Hogeschool
Ijseland paving the way for Saxion University has ignited my heart and become a
source of motivation for me, for it gave me respectful and admirable sense
whenever I tell myself that I would be a part of this special experience.

Thank you very much for considering
my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,





Thai Thuy Tien


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