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My name is  Sevda Panahova and I am writing to apply for the History Ph.D. Programme in Hungary. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to this program which gives me the opportunity to obtain my Ph.D. degree and achieve my goal.I have graduated from the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Department of History and I am current MA student of English Studies at the University of  Eötvös Loránd (ELTE BTK), specialization British Culture and Society. My MA thesis is “The Role of Art in Tudor History: Stained Glass”.  My native language is Azerbaijani and my Russian and Turkish language knowledge is fluent. I studied Persian many years. I hope those languages might come handy to get my further education in Ph.D. As far as I know, Hungary has a very rich history. There are many historical palaces, old mansions, and monuments associated with the history of this country. They are really unique creation masterpieces of Hungarian architecture. I was delighted to find the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and research history at one of the biggest Hungarian universities. A great university is more than a place to learn, internationally renowned and part of the largest university systems in Europe.  Friendly, welcoming department with fabulous teachers and outstanding researchers. Your university covers a wide range of interests, from the Ancient Ages to the contemporary. Furthermore, the courses of this program perfectly combine with my professional projects and academic expectations.  In addition to that, I am hard-working, ambitious, and with an outgoing personality. Moreover, my international experiences attest to my capacity of integration and adaptation. I can work individually, as well as in a team. The Ph.D. degree from your university will give me the best career possibilities for the future.I know that I’m not so young and hope you will give me the chance to realize my ambition. I truly believe that a completion of the Ph.D. Degree in History at your University will contribute for the development of my prospective career and will provide me the knowledge, confidence, contacts, and lifelong experience which will give benefits in my upcoming life.


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