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Now maybe you were young,Or maybe it was recent,But at some point you had seen the news.It could’ve been good or light, like the weather,But at some point you saw it.It could’ve been anything, crime, war, poverty,But at some point you had finally seen it.Hatred. Anger. Fear.You might’ve not thought much about it,Maybe you brushed it off,But you didn’t.It’s still there,Engraved in your brain,As fixated as gum on a wall,Never to leave, always there.Then you started acting different,Not by choice, by instinct.Social status, wealth, family, race,You might not really know someone aside from their face.This is xenophobia, the fear of other cultures, races or others that aren’t like yourself.You might think “oh that’s definitely not me!”,But it’s there, flowing like water.It could be a trickle, it could be a flood,But one way or another it’s still in your blood.Social status, wealth, faily, race,You might not really know someone aside from their face.Now back to the news,It affects your views,”Oh he looks like the guy, and sounds like him too!”.You might move to the side,Or keep your head low,And oh how you thought that he didn’t know.That’s racism, a branch of xenophobia.Let’s look at this another way.There are the reporters,With their supporters,They can change people’s viewsWhile they’re in their living quarters.They can take a country,And make it look bad,Looking for an example?what about ChadThe news shows you the poverty and crime,But never shows you the stuff that’s prime.They could show you the parks, the people, the wildlife,But instead only show you the war and the strife.Social status, wealth, family, race,You might not really know someone aside from their face.That’s assumption, another form of xenophobia.They mostly show violence, anarchy, fear,It might even make some, shed, a tear.Hey might rarely show progress, the good and more,But it’s way more likely to see hate and war.Need an example,It is still happening,What the U.S. did was extremely saddening,They made a travel ban to “stop terrorism from happening”.It some countriesAll muslim majority,It happened to be one of the president’s priorities.It hit lots of people,It hurt them a lot,He labeled their citizens as something their not.It doesn’t make sense why he chose these countries,Terrorist could be anywhere from sydney to kentucky.I feel the ban might’ve been subjective,To the president’s thoughts, ergo it was selective.At this rate we soon might not see countries,We’ll see landmasses with labels,Stuck with bright red tracks,If we all took them out we could stop xenophobia in its tracks.Though this poem shines light on the bad,Do not fret,For there is lots of good I have not mentioned yet.There are inventions, aid and peacekeeping actions, to those who show, great benefaction.Though that is great to hear,It doesn’t change the fact that xenophobia is here.


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