Number the Stars

Magallanes Annemarie is the bravest girl I’ve ever known of. She is extremely clever for a ten year old. She is compassionate and loving toward others. She is very naive; she needs to prepare herself when she faces the worst. She appeals to me because she reminds me of my niece. All in all, she is an inspiring character. Annemarie is extremely clever for a ten year old. Annemarie takes Ellen’s Star of David necklace before the soldiers find it and arrest her. When her mother tells her that her great Aunt Birte died, Annemarie knows that there’s no Aunt Birte.

Annemarie decides to take the closed, concealed road to the woods instead of the open, view road. These are all wise decisions for a ten year old. Annemarie is very loving and compassionate toward others. She cares for her best friend Ellen. She risks her life for her. Annemarie also would do anything for her family, especially Kristi. She is a good person. All in all, Annemarie couldn’t be better! One of Annemarie’s weaknesses is that of being naive and fearful. One example, Annemarie doesn’t know what’s happening to the Jews. She is also fearful when she confronts the Nazis.

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An other example that shows she is fearful is when she is running with her best friend Ellen and is stopped by some Nazis. Even though Annemarie is very naive and fearful she still is a powerful character. In conclusion. I liked the main character of Number The Stars because she is a smart, brave, imaginative and interesting girl. Annemarie, the main character is a fun character. She is also compassionate and loving toward others. However, Annemarie is very naive. In addition, I liked how she remained resolute. As you can see, Annemarie is an interesting character!


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