Nurses: nurses work with people in their own

Nurses: these are the largest group
professionals working in the health services. There are a lot of opportunities to
specialise and to achieve a senior level within the profession, including the
role of nurse consultant or nurse practitioner.

Adult nurses work with adults of all ages,
woo have a wide variety of physical health conditions. They may be based in
hospitals, clinics, GP practices or work for specialist organisations, for
example, the armed forces. Lots of adult nurses work with people in their own
homes. Adult nurses will sometimes make individual care plan, which has all the
healthcare procedures and treatments and evaluate their effectiveness.  Lastly, they work to encourage good health by
having clinics and health education programmes on subjects, for example, giving
up smoking or weight loss.

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Mental health nurses are nurses who specialise in
mental health work in various settings. These may consist of psychiatric units
in hospitals, community healthcare centres, day care settings, residential
homes and prisons.  MIND, the charity
that helps people with mental health problems, guess that each year one in four
people in the UK will experience mental problems. Keep in mind that most people
who experience mental health problems are cared for in the community, not in

Children’s nurses or paediatric
nurse support
children with various type of condition. A children’s nurse works strongly with
the child’s parents or carers. This is to make sure that, as far possible, the
care offer meets their social, cultural and family needs, as well as addressing
their health issues. Child nurses may work in hospitals but can also help the
child at home.

Learning disability nurses usually work with individuals
with learning disabilities that are living in the community instead of the
hospitals. This might include helping individuals in schools and workplaces,
individuals living at home with their families and people who live in
specialist residential settings. They plan to work with people with learning
disabilities and their carers to preserve the person’s physical and mental
health, give specialist healthcare and support them to live a satisfying and independent
a life as possible.

District nurses support people of all ages,
helping them in their own homes or residential homes.  District nurses work closely with family
members and other carers. They test the patient’s needs and also the care and support
requirements of their ‘informal’ carers (friends). District nurses mostly take
care for older people, people with disabilities and people freshly discharged
from hospital.

Neonatal nurses work with newborn babies, this
include prematurely babies.  They usually
work in specialist hospital settings and in community.  The neonatal nurse work really closely with
the baby’s parents and always support them to take a sensible role in their
child’s care.

visitors offer assistance to
families in the early years of their children’s life, usually from birth to the
age of five. They give support on health issues and minor illnesses, and
counsel on feeding and weaning. They carry out schedule checks on the child’s
development and support parents in meeting the developmental needs of their
children. Health visitors observe the children and their carers either in their
homes, at clinics, at the GP practice and sometimes at a nursery or in other
community settings.

nurses work in GP practice. In small practices there may be only one nurse, but
increasingly they are part of a bigger team of practice nurses. Practice
nurses’ responsibilities differ according to the GP practice but in general
will include taking blood samples, carrying out child immunisation programmes
and administering vaccinations for people travelling abroad.  Practice nurses often offer health screening for men and
women, and family planning counsel, if they are qualified to do so.

nurse are mostly hired by the NHS but they may be hired directly by the school.
They offer different types of services, including developmental checks,
administering immunisation programmes and offering health education programmes.


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