Nursing several days and observed the nurses caring

is a demanding career which requires many sacrifices for one to pursue such a
worthwhile occupation. I had to quit my volunteer work so that I would fully
devote my time into fulfilling the necessary requirements to becoming a nurse.
One significant moment in my life was when my godfather had lung cancer. He had been a smoker in his youth, but
that did not make the news any less devastating. I stayed by his side for
several days and observed the nurses caring for my godfather. I was in awe of
their empathic disposition and their willingness to engage my godfather and I
 This made me realize that I also wanted
to devote myself to serving the needs of others.

 There were many instances of caregiving in my
life that have influenced me to consider Nursing. Nursing is not only just a
career but an invaluable service that provides for the needs of others. When I reminisce
of the past, I see with
increasing clarity how caregiving has been a substantial part of my
character. I was raised by two immigrant parents who have worked hard to become
naturalized citizens of the U.S. and get to where they are now. To make ends meet, they worked long
hour shifts which often had me being watched over by a neighbor in my youth and
took care of myself when I got older. Whenever either of my parents were
sick, I cleaned and eventually learned to cook to lessen their workload. When
my father got into an accident, my mother and I nursed him back to health.
Therefore, I learned early on
the satisfaction that comes with caring for others while putting my own needs aside.
 caring for
others is something that seems to come natural to me and something I love to do.

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After graduating nursing
school, my primary goal would be to work in a hospital for a few years to
discover from the many experiences in which area I want to specialize for
further study. In particular, I look forward to working with either
children or the elderly, especially those with estranged relationships or
little to no family left. I want to care for them during their final days and
do all that I can to keep them as comfortable and happy as possible.

While not directly
related to nursing, I have prior experience in caring for strangers.
In high school, I volunteered to work for a food bank near Times Square. I volunteered
for about three years and assisted in registering and rationing food to the local
homeless. It was an eye-opening experience in caring for others who were less fortunate.
One memorable incident was when I was still grasping the registration process
myself, one individual became upset at the long and utilized increasingly agitated
language. Shortly after finishing registration, I excused myself for a few
minutes to cry and felt I did not perform to standard. One of the supervisors
said later told me that I



Obtaining a Bachelors from Hunter-Bellevue School of
Nursing will permit me to

I always try my hardest as I am self-motivated. 


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