Official Vivo, Claro, TIM Brasil Transport: vast networks

Official Name:Federative Republic of BrazilFlag:DemographicsPopulation: 209,433,032 (white 47.7%, mulatto (mixed white and black) 43.1%, black 7.6%, Asian 1.1%, indigenous 0.4%)Official Language(s): Portuguese Religions: Roman Catholic (64.6%), Protestant (22%), Others (<1%), Unknown (Estimated to be 8%)Government:President: Michel TemerType of Government: Federal Representative Democratic RepublicLegislature/Decision-Making Body: The National Congress EconomiesMain Contributors: Mining, Aerospace, Agriculture & Food ProductionEconomically Developing CountryMajor Imports: Crude Oil, Automotives, Liquid oils, Auto parts, Drugs and medicine, electronic components, bituminous coalMajor Exports: Iron ore (7.2%), Crude oil (5.4%), Soybeans (10%), Sugar (5.7%), Poultry(3.4%)Main Trading Partners: China, United States, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, ChileInfrastructureCommunications: Broadcasting stations, Postal services, Television and phone networks, owned by companies like Vivo, Claro, TIM Brasil Transport: vast networks of highways and boat networks, lacks dense train networks, public transport system could improve on its effectiveness, (metros, minivans, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), mass transit, domestic air transport, boat transport) and private hire transport (e.g. taxis)Sanitation: Clean water is not easily accessible, lacking in sewage services; in some other municipalities have non-existent sewage servicesPoor sanitation systemCultureUnique Traits: Varied and diverse, affectionate and tactile people, referred to "two Brazils" for the economic distinction between the poor in the North and the wealthy in the South, emphasizes on importance of relationships Unique Food: Moqueca, Brigadeiros, Feijoada, Cachaça, Frango churraso (grilled lemon and garlic chicken)Geography Location: Coastal cities: Cool, Amazon Basin region: EquatorialImportant Neighbours: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, EcuadorUnique Geography: Amazon for its forest contains the world's largest single reserve of biological organisms; Southern Brazil is home to fertile soil and coastal areas have high chances of floods and mudslides. 3 Relevant Points for GMO1) Brazil has rejected United States' GMO imports because it did not receive all global approvals2) In January 2016, the Ministry of Justice fines six companies, including Nestle and Pepsi, $3 million for failing to disclose that their products contain GMOs3) Accreditation Process centre (CECAP) released billions of GM mosquitoes to combat diseases like Zika and Dengue to add on to the effectiveness of combating such diseases3 Relevant Points for Human Trafficking 1) Municipal and state governments hosted workshops, trainings, performances and discussions to commemorate World Day Against Trafficking2) March 2017, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) resumed publication of the lista suja (dirty list), which denies businesses listed to credit by the public and private financial institutions3) In Rio de Janeiro, the state government, in collaboration with an NGO, conducted awareness campaigns to educate the public on the dangers of false employment opportunities.


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