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On a warm Thursday, 2 young schoolchildren discovered something huge and naturally made. Something never seen before in their city. They discovered Marengo Cave, which is found  today in Indiana. Marengo Cave is a natural wonder with many tours and attractions.Marengo Cave is a cave under the city of Marengo, Indiana. It is an official National Natural Landmark of the United States of AmericaDuckeck. In addition to that, It is a tourist place, with attractions like tours and a maze called “The Crawl”Marengo. Relating to that, people come here to view the ancient caves and learn about their deep history. It is very important to the people there and to those who want to visit. Marengo Cave is an important place in Marengo Indiana. Marengo cave has lots of history behind it. First, the cave was formed between 7,000,000 and 1,2 million years ago by acidic groundwater carving and eroding the caveCaskey. Next, the cave was discovered by siblings Orris and Blanche Hiestand on September 6th, 1883Duckeck. The property owners of the cave, named the Stewart family, owned and ran the cave until 1955. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction, visited by many people. It has had only 3 owners in 118 yearsCaskey. When walking through the cave, you are walking through about a million years of history.  Marengo Cave is full of lots of history.Marengo Cave is currently a tourist attraction open to anyone. For example, you can take one of the two tours offered here. In addition, there is an attraction called the crawl, where you maneuver through a small maze similar to a cave. There is also an educational attraction where you can learn about the rocks and minerals found in the caveMarengo. When you come to Marengo Cave, there are a lot of things to do. The cave is filled with tours and attractions today.    Marengo Cave offers lots to do to those who visit. It has a very deep history and is filled with information not many people know about. Although not many people know about it, Marengo cave is a very interesting place to go.


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