One to black holes having tremendous mass, the

One thing about black holes is that they do not “suck” things into themselves. Due to black holes having tremendous mass, the resultant is a strong gravitational pull. Because of this, objects in range of the event horizon appear to be “sucked” in towards the singularity, hence, the misconception of black holes “sucking” things into themselves. However, in actuality, black holes “sucking” things in is a process called Accretion.In the process of Accretion, matter is drawn past the event horizon of a black hole, resulting in it being pulled into the black hole. Through this process, material such as gas, dust and other debris form a band of spinning matter around the event horizon, called an accretion disk.The materials forming an accretion disk spin at high speeds resulting in a release of heat and powerful electromagnetic waves such as x-rays or gamma rays which scientists use to determine for the presence of a black hole. Some people might wonder what would happen if a person were to fall into the black hole. One theory would be that when an individual gets pulled into a blackhole, the individual would either see himself/herself get slowly pulled towards the singularity, or be immediately crushed to a single point depending on the size of the black hole. However, from an observer’s point of view, the event would look as if the individual had frozen in place and had burned to ashes.One speculation about the effects of the strong gravitational pull of a black hole is that space, time and light near a black hole gets distorted. As according to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, it is predicted that the closer an object is to a black hole the slower time runs for that object. Despite its strong gravitational pull and destructive power, black holes in some cases might produce a “jet” that are presumed to be made up of gas and protons. Scientists speculate that these superheated gases are accelerated up to about 99.9% of the speed of light which allows them to escape the gravitational hold of a black hole.These “jets” that travel nearing the speed of light then travel around space until they hit a cloud of gas which triggers a chain of events in the cloud. The gases in the cloud get compressed and heated, becoming ionized in the process. After the shock passes, the ions are recombined, producing radiation, which siphon energy out of the gas cloud. This causes the cloud to cool and shrink in size, collapsing to form a star when the cloud becomes dense enough.


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