ONT – WLAN QoS Implementation
What service can be applied to WLAN to provide QoS?
The QoS extensions to WLANs in the 802.1e specifications is referred to as Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM). WMM provides traffic prioritization (or RF prioritization) by used 4 access categories (queues): Platinum (or voice), Gold (or video), Silver (best-effort), and Bronze (background).
Explain the mapping of 802.11e priority levels to WMM access categories.
– Voice (Platinum) – 6 or 7 – Video (Gold) – 4 or 5 – Best-Effort (Silver) – 0 or 3 – Backgroud (Bronze) – 1 or 2
When receiving an 802.

1Q frame, how does a WLAN controller handle the mapping of the IP DSCP field to the LWAPP DSCP field?

The WLAN controller copies the IP DSCP field to the LWAPP data unit DSCP field. It also mappes the IP DSCP field to the LWAPP data unit’s 802.1p field.
What kind of tagging does a LWAPP control packet exchanged between the WLAN controller and the LWAP receive?
The LWAPP control packets exchanged between the WLAN controllder and the LWAP are always tagged with the 802.1p value of 7