Opportunity’s, for the moment or the rest of

Opportunity’s, should you risk it or leave it, whether you should take them or no, I’m going to speak of that today. First, what is an opportunity, it is when somebody or something has a chance to seize a moment that could benefit for the moment or the rest of their life. When we talk about benefit, we talk about a life changing opportunity that can benefit your life forever and change it drastically. But there is good opportunity’s that can turn your life around or opportunity’s that can ruin your life, lets take for example drugs, it’s an opportunity to try but they can ruin your life. That’s why you need to be very precautious when choosing whether to take an opportunity.

First, opportunity’s come and go, but they are either simple opportunity’s or big opportunity’s that can be rare. For example, when n you are talking to people in a conversation, there’s a lot of opportunities to slip things you like or things you want to say. But the rarer opportunity’s like a job interview or chance to get famous can get much rarer. For example, a job interview can come when you want but let’s say you’re a signer and a big music production company comes to see you to sign a contract, that is a rare opportunity. They only come rarely in life.  So how to catch an opportunity, first, you need to size it by doing the need to accomplished it

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Now that we have taken about opportunity’s, what are their benefits. It depends on the opportunity, if it’s a big opportunity, it could benefit your whole life. Lets as you get an interview for your dream job, if you get the job it could benefit your life forever, it could change it drastically. Or it can change it in the bad way. It can pull your life a part. As example, the opportunity to rob somebody, it can cost your life in prison or a sentence. That’s why making good chances because each opportunity’s can change your life drastically. Now that your life changed for the best, you can benefit of what they offered you, butane thing for sure, never miss an opportunity because you if you don’t take it could have made you something better

If you are scared to catch an opportunity, just look at famous people. They all caught opportunity to be able where they are now. If they didn’t take those opportunity’s, our world wouldn’t be the same. Therefore, you don’t need to be scared because you could be one of those people that can change the world. So, example Daniel Craig, agent 007, he was homeless before all the fame, he lived on the street and had no home. He acted in a small movie and people saw his talent and he grew. Today, he one of the biggest actors of all time and is one of the most well-paid also. He took the opportunity and now look where he is now. Hers a bunch of other actors like Robert Downey Jr, he did so much drugs that he didn’t have any money left, but now he is the best actors in certain critics.

In conclusion, all I wan to say is that you need to seize the opportunity when you have the time because if you don’t you will regret forever. So, take it when you can because everybody in their life will at least regret not taking one opportunity. But it is your choice, you can take it or leave it. Just remember that it could change your whole life.










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