Organizational a set of core values, believes in

Organizational culture is the shared values and norms of the employees in how they will  

inside and outside of the organization. (1)
Organizational culture is determined by what

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            the organization
and management expects from their
employees in regards to those set values

            and behaviors and the outcome of those
expectations. Through employee interaction,

            observation, training and special events such as team building
outings, the culture of an

            organization is formed. (2) There are two dimensions of culture in an organization, those

            dimensions are; (weak/strong) and (positive and negative). When the values across the

            organization are clear so that everyone in the
organization understands; strong
cultures will

            exist. If the values and behavior
are closely related, the stronger
the organizations culture   

            will be. When an organization has a
set of core values, believes in
them, follows them and

            teaches their employees to learn and adhere to them, employees will work together in a

            cohesive/team effort and be proud of what they do. When a weak culture exists, there is no

            cohesiveness and there is no attempt by managers to control negative behavior and

            disregard to the
organizations values. The further apart the values are from
behavior the

            weaker the culture will
be. Effective and efficient productivity and performance are the results   

            of a positive organizational
culture. Resistance and unruly behavior that upsets the performance

            of the organization is negative
organizational culture.  (3) Learning
the history and background

            of the organization plays a big
part in the culture within an organization. The Heroes, the ones

            that were instrumental to the company’s success and their contributions they made. Through

            stories, such as
times when the president spoke to the employees personally or when someone

            had to make a special trip to get
parts for the company to keep running for the day. Showing off

            the company’s slogan showing pride in safety, production or their vision
statement. The logo of

            an organization is a symbol that conveys their values,
jackets, plaques, etc. awarded with the

            organizations logo attached are
examples of those values of the organization. Ceremonies are   

            another way of learning the culture
of an organization. Certain types of gestures such as secret

            handshakes, oaths or awards dinners
show the more personal, meaningful side of the


The way we hear things expressed i.e. “this is how we do it here” are
ways of learning the

organizations culture.                           


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