Over around the world face many changes in

            Over the history of time, high school graduates around
the world face many changes in making choices and maintaining their education
progress. One of the decisions that pre-college kids should consider thinking
about is whether taking a gap year or going straight to college and university
life. So, what exactly are the benefits that gap year brings to us, and is it worth
the time as many of the students have claimed?

            Many people, after graduating from high schools, feel
like they should award themselves some times off the career road for a while.
They would rather Gap year has been a thing since the 1960s when the first wave
of young people who desired for education decided to temporary hold their
progress and take steps out of their native countries to seek for exchanged
values as a part of culture and social revolution. By the 80s and early 90s,
gap year has met its booming period; more and more people have decided to
postpone their education progresses and go on trips as considered
self-education. In today’s society, gap year has become more popular and seem
to be more efficient to the young generation than it has ever been.

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            Gap year, in the overall look, brings the freedom to
students who just finished a 12-year-term of hardworking and developing from being
children to grown adults. It gives us the opportunity to take some time to
think about what has happened throughout school years, what we have done, where
we have been as experience, what choices we have chosen to make us who we are
now as individuals, … Gap year is also a reasonable time to finish what we have
started but never had a chance to complete such as getting a driver license,
moving to another house or learning to play music instruments for future
entertainment. Another minor reason is while some students may have strong
family finance situations, others not so much. As many have known, not all
colleges or universities are having available scholarships, in order to attend
their education system, students have to fully be able to afford the fees, if
not considering of other expenditures such as house rents, personal usages and
sudden consequences like speeding tickets or health issues. Taking
time off before going to college also provides an opportunity to earn money for
tuition and other expenses. With students taking the gap year, they will have
the advantage ahead by taking care of the money whilst preparing for future

interesting about gap year is, firstly, it gives students the opportunity to
find their personalities and career potentials. Many people take the time
during the period to travel places, mostly with relatives on vacations or
moving to a place in which career services are provided. Traveling helps
students understand the value of experience and correct perception towards
their careers and lives. Learning about different places and cultures may help
form a unique personality and may also help us be responsible to ourselves even
more. “While travel and work can be very valuable experiences, a more
contemporary version of a gap year includes some element of vocational
discovery”, W. Kent Barnds explains that other than having fun, we can actually
develop ourselves through valuable activities. A gap year can provide experiences
that help people gain insight about themselves and their goals. Community
service is another thing that people would consider doing while they are in gap
year. Volunteering work is the type of social interaction which volunteers give
in their time participating in meaningful activities. Not only has it helped
bringing people closer but it is also a tool to sharpen the relationships.
“Volunteers reported a greater appreciation for community, friends, and family
life as priorities shifted away from material goods…Returned volunteers almost
universally described improved family relationships over the year and upon
their return.”, Joseph O’shea. A gap year is all about new
experiences as well as new roadblocks, giving us the opportunity to explore the
world, and most importantly who we are in that world.

than traveling, for the people who have already had their careers drawn in
mind, students can always apply for internship opportunities. Professional
internships, as stated by Jane and Jason Sarouhan, allow young career seekers
to gain specific useful skills and experience in a quite amount of time.
Participating in real life running companies not only helps students
acknowledge the process of working, but it also provides work opportunities,
means that a person pursuing in one degree can be working in several related
positions for the internships. Gap year is not just travel and work; many would
prefer making the most out of it. Taking gap year is about what we gain through
interacting with the actual world outside, with the working force that they are
having out there, to determine how we would compete against, develop or further
more inherit the working positions left behind by the previous generations.

most parents and guardians wouldn’t have any trouble approve gap year for their
kids, there are several worried about how it will leave bad consequences to
their children. Gap year is a general term, what it will do to us depends on
how we see it. Not all people, during gap year periods, would go out there and
be productive; many would take it too much of advantages and turn into a waste
of time full of laziness and unproductive behavior. Postponing
work or school sometimes pulls people off the career path, and it’s challenging
to get back on. Those people will find it more difficult when the college and
university season returns due to the lack of interaction with educative related
activities than the others. Moreover, students who take gap year will most
likely to have a loss of learned material since they are taking a postpone in
their education progresses. Taking a gap year period means that students will
not be able to achieve their goals any time sooner than they have originally
planned. A person might not be in the same track as his or her peers when competing
for career opportunities. And with the people thinking of internships, the
companies and employers will see missing years of records in the résumés.

While there are many
flaws in taking a gap year, many people would still choose to go on a break,
because overall, the flaws are in the ways we see things. It is the matter of
minds and actions, same period of time, same situation, condition, but very
different results and consequences. Taking gap year depends on the people’s views;
some could use it efficiently, while others may take advantages too much and
become unproductive. “Before deciding to take time off, it’s helpful to think
about what to do prior to leaving school, expenses associated with a gap year,
and activities and goals for the time off”, according to Elka Maria Torpey. Once
people have chosen to take the gap year, they can either turn it to a worth of
time or a waste of time. Anything can make a gap year rewarding, say experts, as
long as the occasion is carefully planned.


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