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*Beware of lengthy post up ahead
What better way to solve the deplete of resources due to the necessity of energy powered by fossil fuels than alternative energies?

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Alternative energy, unlike fossil fuels can be sustained due to its energy source originating from various sustainable origins. For example solar panel powered through the eternal burning ball of gas, wind energy from its natural source of air flow and geothermal energy by underground hot steam.

According to the most recent Annual Energy Report came out from Natural Resource Defence Council (NRDC) on October 2017, newest results shows a popular rise in renewable energies. 

Such as for wind farms has been installed and is able to provide clean electricity off the coast for Rhode Island, another success is that there’s evidence of increase in renewable energy investments therefore economy has risen up as well.

Our reliance on renewable has continuously to show successful progress in solving the Earth’s resource depletion problem, especially by replacing fossil fuel with all the alternative energies to reduce overuse of coal which has been stated by the same Annual Energy Report by NRDC  to demonstrate improvement of the environment’s state from both depletion and pollution.

Although all types of alternative energies brings in the same effect of reducing our tendency to seek for depleting resources for generating energy, specifically geothermal energy has a series of advantages contributing back to the society. But first let’s understand the process of how geothermal energy produces its electricity.

How it works?
There are two ways to generate geothermal energy, using a geothermal power plant or a geothermal heat pump. 

Installing and generating electricity with a geothermal power plant
Its process in producing energy would first be to pipe up the hot steam coming up from the ground which will then spin the turbine thus generating electricity. The process is then repeated.   

2.  Geothermal heat pump, which is used frequently in households.
– During winter, the soil or water under the ground will be kept in the temperature of 10-15 degrees celsius, that warmth being kept would be able to generate heat into the house. The liquid will then flow into cycle of pipes (called a loop) beneath the ground or shallow water then into a apartment. Thus, an electric compressor and heat exchanger will absorb the heat from the loop and bring it up to the building through a duct system.
– During summer, the whole process is reversed. Whereas the pipes will take away the heat from the building and carry it beneath the ground or water, then absorbed. 

Immunity towards climate 
Simplicity of installation and maintenance
Reduces pollution caused by fossil fuel
Helps local economy 

Expanding on its economical impacts, Said in GEA’s report in February 2012 ” The Nevada Geothermal Council notes that Nevada’s geothermal power plants pay sales & use tax, property tax, net proceeds of mine tax, modified business tax, bonus lease payments, royalties to the state and county, salaries and benefits to employees, and a range of local vendors for products and services.” Shows that it not just creates job opportunities but these companies is also one of the largest taxpayers in the community, thus encouraging the local economy.

Containing all those advantages, the movement of clean renewable energy was further encouraged by President Barack Obama under his 2013 Climate Action Plan in hopes of reducing greenhouse gas emission which shown positive results over the years the plan has been implemented. 
But the unforeseen future might take an unexpected turn of events… (Continued on next post – “Environmental Triumph halted by Trump”)


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