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This raises some knowledge issues related to what we know, and how this affects us, with relation to doubt. How can intuition shadow what we know and begin to create doubts in our minds in art and science? To what extent does reason play a role in how certain we are about the knowledge we possess? 
To explore one of the first knowledge claims addressed, we can begin by understanding how doubts are created in the first place, and how reason and intuition can sometimes blind us to create these doubts. Intuition is said to be a ‘gut-feeling’ or just believing something based on the sole reason that you believe it to be true, and not because there is substantial evidence or conscious reasons behind it. 
For example, when I was younger, I used to be enrolled in an art class, and one weekend, we were taken to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. One of the pieces that I saw was an abstract contemporary one, and featured numerous black and white symbols and engravings. Upon first glance, I perceived the painting to be that of one portraying vivid and lucid thoughts, because the movements of the brush strokes and design, in my mind, were something out of a transitional state. The knowledge I had on this painting and the artist was very limited, and though I did not know much about it, my intuition told me that what I perceived was correct and accurate. When I was asked to write a piece on this artwork, I wrote about its vivid monochromatic stance, and how it represents memory and visions. However, once I read up on the history of the artist, it became aware to me that he was an African American, who was part of the slave trade. This information made me view the black and white painting in a completely new way, corresponding the black and white to racism. This increase of knowledge weakened my confident stance about my vision, and my intuition and reason shadowed what I knew, and made me doubt it. 
The doubt that arises in one’s mind is proof that knowledge is limited or flawed, and can encourage a person to seek knowledge, However, this increase of knowledge can also make one doubt what they know. 

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