Paralyzing plastic Essay

Plastic bags are everyplace.

They are in food market shops. in people’s place. in trash tins.

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in landfills. in cloacas. in rivers. in oceans.

and in the organic structures of the animate being. Plastic bags are risky ; they are lending to plastic pollution which is presenting as a immense menace to the modern ecosystem. On the surface. it would look that usage of plastic is inexpensive and convenient. but there is a deathly monetary value that is paid for that convenience. The existent monetary value of utilizing plastic is a deathly one and causes damaging harm to the environment.

The usage of plastic bags has already been banned in many states such as Italy. China. and some parts of The Philippines. Many metropoliss in the United Sates have besides opted for a plastic-bag free society. Santa Cruz. California being one of them. But these few topographic points shouldn’t be entirely in their battle to censor plastic. Mankind must salvage their future coevalss from holding to endure the negative effects of fictile waste.

The United States should censor the usage of single-use plastic bags wholly as a state. One of the dangers of utilizing plastics bags is that it is damaging to the Earth’s dirt. Regular stuffs such as fruits and vegetables merely take about a month to break up wholly into the Earth.However. plastic does non break up. because it is non biodegradable. This means that plastic bags do non interrupt down like regular biodegradable stuff. Alternatively.

it will interrupt up into smaller pieces and absorb into the environing Earth. Furthermore. it is estimated that plastic bags take about 500-1000 old ages to interrupt apart wholly. The estamate of old ages range immensely because more accurate trials can non be conducted since plastic bags have merely been around for about 50 old ages. Unfortunately. even though it has merely been invented for such a short clip. fictile bags’ negative factors have already affected the ecosystem.

Furthermore. colored plastic bags can be toxic when it is buried in the many landfills across the universe ; the toxins seep into the land and do it infertile for future coevalss. Rachel Carson. an conservationist. said that 100s of 1000000s of old ages is what it took to make the life that now inhabits the Earth. ( Carson420 ) . Sadly. because of fictile pollution and the ample usage of plastic bags.

the earth’s dwellers are quickly tapering and are forced to digest awful fortunes that are endangering their very being. Another ground why plastic bags should be banned in the U. S is because many topographic points in the universe have already recognized the damaging harm of plastic bags and have banned there usage. Plastic bag prohibitions have had some little consequence in the United States.Mike Verespej states that the metropolis of Santa Cruz.

California has banned the usage of carry-out plastic bags since July 10. 2012. The metropolis has besides extended their prohibition on polystyrene take out merchandises. He besides writes “Plastic bag prohibitions are now in topographic point in three of the 14 largest and five of the 29 largest metropoliss in the United States — San Francisco. San Jose. Austin. Seattle and Portland.

The nation’s fourth-largest metropolis. Houston. is presently sing a bag-ban proposal. ” ( Verespej0003 ) .

Mexico City and the largest state in the universe. China. have besides joined the prohibition against plastic bags.

In add-on. The Philippines has besides recognized the turning jobs with fictile bag use. and about 20 metropoliss have passed bag prohibitions ; besides. fees on plastic bags and limitations are non unheard of. ( Toloken0010 ) .

The Philippines like many other states in Southeast Asia has seen firsthand the issues of plastic pollution because of hapless litter control and the inordinate usage of plastic bags. Like many of these metropoliss and states. the United States as a whole should fall in the others in the battle against plastic in order to maintain the environment and the Earth clean.

Furthermore. plastic bag usage should be banned the U. S because they are non necessary.

One of the chief grounds why people use plastic bags is because they are readily accessible about anyplace. Plastic bags can be easy attained at many shops with the simple phrase “Can I have a plastic bag? ” Obviously. the option to utilizing plastic bags is following the reclaimable shopping bag. Of class. most people will kick about the incommodiousness of holding to convey their ain pokes every clip they go shopping. However. if plastic bags were to be banned wholly in the United States.

citizens would be forced to convey their ain shopping duffle bags if they want to ease their shopping. The sad truth is that bulk of people will non believe twice approximately where the plastic bags will travel after it has served its minor intent. but if they do non get down.

the world of plastic pollution will hit them difficult before they know it. In add-on to being unneeded. plastic bags should be banned because they pose a immense hazard to the safety of many animate beings and their home grounds.

A grey giant was found dead with playthings. latex baseball mitts. and 20 plastic bags in its tummy. ( Keiner157-84 ) . In add-on. birds besides suffer greatly from fictile pollution.

Many birds such as pelicans and millstones mistake fictile dust for little coloured fish.Many of them die because their organic structures can non digest any of the plastic. Finally. the plastic will cut the animal’s tummy or coerce them to hunger to decease with a false sense of comprehensiveness. Another group of animate beings that is at hazard because of fictile pollution is the sea polo-necks. Turtlenecks are easy going nonextant. and fictile pollution is merely adding fuel to the fires. These olympian animate beings can populate up to 150 old ages but are deceasing prematurely because of the plastic puncturing their bowels.

Plastic atoms float on the surface of the H2O. and polo-necks mistake them for jelly fish. Besides.

fictile rings can acquire stuck around a turtle’s organic structure and coerce them to turn with malformations. These hapless animate beings are deceasing because of the sloppiness of the human existences. It is estimated that fictile refuse putting to deaths about 1 million birds each twelvemonth ; to boot. 100.

000 ocean animate beings such as mahimahis. polo-necks. seals. and fish besides die. ( Kiener157-84 ) . If fictile pollution continues.

shortly worlds will get down to endure these effects along with the animate beings. In add-on to harming animate beings. fictile pollution is destructing the beautiful oceans of this planet. It has been observed that there are spots in the ocean made of plastic and trash dust.The largest 1 is called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ; it is made up of at bay difficult and soft plastic such as erstwhile usage plastic bags. What is even more dismaying is that The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to be the size of Texas and has the consistence of soup. Furthermore.

the fishes and birds that live near and on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is exposed to lifelessly toxins. What makes conditions even worse is that oil from spills gets trapped in the Garbage Patch and is consumed by the fishes and birds poisoning them. Lindsay Bloomsberg from Environmental Magazine writes that most things about the refuse spot is problematic but “what is known for certain is that the marine dust in the North Pacific Gyre is 80 % plastic and it’s largely coming from land. When fictile bottles. cups and bags are dropped in the street. rain washes them into storm cloacas.

rivers and finally the ocean. ” ( Bloomsberg8 ) . This means that worlds are the 1s doing this sad calamity. For such an abomination to be and hold a name is black for worlds as a species.In add-on to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. the Mekong River in Southeast Asia is besides to a great extent polluted with plastic.

Many images showcase a river so contaminated with plastic that the H2O can non even be seen because the surface is cluttered with so much drifting dust. United States has ever been the figure one protagonist of people’s rights. It was the first to give adult females voting rights. the first to give African Americans voting rights. and is progressively indulgent with gays’ rights.

The United States should let the animate beings and the environment the right live and thrive every bit of course as possible. The usage of plastic bags throughout the United States is seting a strain on the environment and the universe. It is agreed upon that America knows how to manage fictile pollution in a affair that makes it seem like it does non even exist. However. the cogent evidence is in the pudding — in this instance. the landfills. Consumers of this state are utilizing plastic bags every individual twenty-four hours ; it is estimated that the mean household in the U.

S accumulates 60 plastic bags in merely of 3 hebdomads of shopping. Clearly the U. S should acknowledge it’s use of plastic bags is lending to the fictile pollution of this epoch. Of class.

the United States is non the lone state that is doing this job. but if it decides to fall in the other states in censoring plastic bags. a message will be sent to the universe that the usage plastic bags is a cunning enemy of this planet.Many plastic bag industries argue that if plastic bags were banned. many people would lose their occupations. and that it would hold a annihilating consequence on the economic system ; nevertheless. this is non true.

The usage of plastic bag cost much more than meets the oculus. Obviously. plastic bags may look cheap and free but as the expression goes. nil in this universe is free.

Stating that the production of plastic bags uses a batch of oil is an understatement. China is a state that has already banned plastic bags non merely because it is environmentally friendly but saves money every bit good. “Production of plastic packaging devours 37 million barrels of oil a twelvemonth. Cuting that figure would assist the planet every bit good as China’s balance sheet. ” ( Bates35 ) . In add-on to being oil consuming.

plastic bags can besides turn out to be pricey if they get stuck in the incorrect topographic points. When plastic bags get trapped in cloacas and tunnels underground. they clog up pipes and storm drains ; it can be really expensive to repair. Besides.

shops deceive consumers when they make the plastic bag seem free. but the truth of the affair is that consumers are paying for the plastic bags in the higher monetary values of nutrient.Last but non least.

when plastic bags get into the environment. it can be a metropolis 1000s of dollars to clean it up. Not to advert the harm that plastic has on the environment. Rachel Carson writes that this epoch is “dominated by industry.

in which the right to do a dollar at whatever cost is rarely challenged. ” ( Carson425 ) . Therefore taking to this decision.

the monetary value paid for utilizing plastic bags is greater than the effects of fictile bag prohibitions. Another statement arises when it comes to censoring plastic bags. and that is that reclaimable plastic bags are insecure and can harbour harmful bacteriums. Angela Logomasini writes “Single-use plastic bags are more healthful than reclaimable food market bags.

A 2009 survey by Sporometrics. a Canadian research lab. discovered that reclaimable bags harbor a considerable sum of bacteriums that doesn’t rinse off easy. ” ( Kiener157-184 ) . This is true ; with frequent usage. reclaimable shopping bags can harbour bacteriums.

but one can acquire rid of those bacteriums with the usage of anti-bacterial rubs and intoxicant. It is the same construct as a lavatory place.Surely. it can acquire soiled with frequent usage. but people can non purchase new lavatory seats every clip they use the public toilets. They must take preliminary actions and clean their points with each usage. What is more disturbing is that people don’t realize they can be eating their ain rubbish. To exemplify.

fish sometimes errors fictile atoms for plankton because in some countries it can outweigh plankton 48-1. Therefore. when worlds throw their rubbish in the sea.

the fishes are harmed by devouring the plastic ; so when worlds eat the fish. they are devouring plastic every bit good. David Suzuki explains that everything is connected. he says “In such a universe of interconnection.

it is understood that every action has effects. and when we were portion of that universe. we had duty to move decently to maintain the universe in order.

” ( Suzuki428 ) . The idea of eating your ain plastic rubbish is much more gross outing than holding to clean the interior of a reclaimable food market bag. All in all. the procedure of censoring plastic bags in the United States will non be easy. but it will vouch the beginning of a safer and more environmentally friendly universe. Some may non hold with its immediate consequence but if they continue on utilizing plastic bags.

the universe would be in danger in a affair of old ages.Human existences every bit good as animate beings will endure the effects of fictile pollution while landfills are going the current memorials of this coevals. Animals are deceasing for human comfortss at the retail shops ; the land people call place is going deformed from the land up ; the seas that holds about 50 per centum of life on this Earth is being poisoned. If this issue does non halt. the earth’s figure of yearss will dwindle dramatically. Everything has a manner of entwining in the terminal. the animate beings are enduring right now because of fictile pollution and shortly worlds will endure along with them. Fictile rubbish is roll uping right under the olfactory organ of society and the people must wake up.

take a deep breath. and make something about it. Out of sight is non out of head. plastic bags will go the earth’s ruin if it doesn’t stop now.Plants CitedCarson. Rachel.

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