Parents, child, they are not the only influence.

Parents, without doubt, have a major influence on a child’s education, learning experiences and achievements. This essay will show you how, and in what ways parents are involved in a child’s educational life, like parental involvement at home and at school, and the different styles in which parents handle and take care of their children. The question of whether parents are the only influence on a child’s learning, education and achievements will be discussed in the essay.     Although parents are the primary educators of a child, they are not the only influence. It is important for everyone to be knowledgeable about the different styles and methods in which parents are involved in a child’s educational experience.         ‘Parental Involvement’ is understood to me as the presence of the parents in the children’s life. Helping their child out when assistance is needed, and being there for their child when they are emotional.    Rasinki and Fredrick’s (1988) concluded that parents play an invaluable role in laying the foundation of their children’s learning. Similarly, Zang and Carrasquillo (1995) observed that when children are surrounded by caring, capable parents and are able to enjoy nurturing and moderate relationships, a foundation of literacy is built with no difficulties.   Children have two main educational influences – their parents and their teachers at school. Up until the time children start attending school, parents are the primary educators. Once they start attending school, teachers become a child’s main educator.    Parental involvement can be in any form, for instance, reading to a child at home, teaching them nursery rhymes or songs or helping them with homework. This can be classified as parents’ involvement in support of the individual child at home.     There are steady signs of educational benefits of parents being involved in a child’s learning experience at home. The involvement of parents from an early age of a child is found to result in a more improved outcome, like home learning activities by parents which is more important for a child’s social and intellectual development.


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