Patient patient and the family in dealing with

involvement has meant that the role of nurses in rehabilitation has to change
(Dreyer, 2016). However, the illustration of the roles played by nurses
in rehabilitation is sporadic. Basic nursing care has been mentioned to be the
most crucial thing as part of developing hope for both the patient and the
family in dealing with the unaccustomed situation (Dreyer, 2016, pg.113).
In the structural analysis of research conducted on the role and function of
nurses in patients with stroke, ‘the nurse’s
role and function in regard to the patient`s wants 24/7’ was mentioned as a key
theme. The importance of these theme in giving excellent subacute care shall
be discussed in this paper.

Cary (2016, pg.769) acknowledge that both individual and facility outcomes
tend to impact the results from self-care and mobility. Individual factors such
as race, gender and age play a pivotal role. Since nurses spend most of the
time with a patient they believe perceive themselves as the most qualified
people to handle patients. This theme`s importance is illustrated in the
subthemes. To begin with, the nurses are tasked with the duty of knowing the
patient as a person. According to Dreyer (2016, pg.112), nurses hold the
integrity of knowing the human being behind the patient. This is necessary as
it allows the nurses to beware of the individual`s day to day routines prior to
the stroke. In the process of knowing the patient, information is collected
which is put forward in an individual day program where the routines of the
patient can be monitored and at the same time care for the patient.

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subtheme identified is that the basic wants of the patient should emerge first.
Basic nursing care in secretion and nutrition is addressed. By identifying
these basic needs, nurses are able to formulate a plan to integrate into day to
day activities. Family involvement also emerges as a subtheme and further
illustrates the importance of the main theme in nursing care. Involving family
is crucial since the family has a role to play in supporting the
patient, maintaining hope and establishing a good phase in the rehabilitation
process. Edvardsson & Innes (2010, pg.842) argue that there are two tools for measuring family involvement with one being
18 items that determine the importance of being involved with a patient. The
tool is part of the person-centred care
assessment tool. This tool can be used in
determining the effectiveness of the third subtheme. 


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