People for “stealing” their jobs. The immigrant group

People are always talking about how well paid police and office workers are a big part that keep america a stable land but what about the underpaid immigrants that do the dirty work that no one else want to do. Despite being the backbone of the country they are constantly being accused of stealing jobs no one wants because they are from another country. Little do they know is that American history started out with major waves of immigration. There were three major waves in that happened in america from 1790-1820. Before the 1790 immigrants came the first people that came here were the native americans and they crossed from Siberia all the way to alaska. Around 1790 the immigrants were the northern and western europeans. Most of them arrived to the land for economic reasons, political and religious freedom. When they have arrived they killed the natives by violence and diseases. The first successful english colonial colony was plymouth. This wave started in 1790 to 1820 which lasted for 31 years.The immigrants that have arrived to the US were the Irish, germans, scandinavians, and the chinese and their arrived in 1820-1880. The irish came to the country to escape The Great Hunger that was plaguing their country. There was also better traveling methods and new job opportunities in america, it was considered a safe haven for immigrants. The europeans started not to like the new immigrants and gave them backlash for not being born in american or coming to the country first. There was then Nativism which involve protesting against the catholic religion, not wanting their cultures to touch, and resenting the immigrants for “stealing” their jobs. The immigrant group that got the most backlash was the chinese. Despite being less than 1% of the population the europeans saw them as a threat for having a different culture than them and didn’t want them in the country so the exclusion law was passed.The third wave began in 1880 to the 1930’s, 22.3 million immigrants have arrived during this time period. Most of these immigrants came from the Middle east, the Middetiran, Southern and Eastern Europe, and down of Canada. Due to the recent invention of steam powered boats immigrating to america became easier. Families would come and migrate from their country just to stay with their family that’s in America. Sadly one a law called the chineses exclusion did not allow families to come over and stay with the members that came before the act. Those that did manage to come to ellis island had to wait in long lines with their papers and belongings. The country did not allow illiterates, anarchist or disease carriers to pass and gave them psychology tests to see if they were worthy. The immigrants had to get tests to see if they had diseases and if they did they would stay on ellis island until they got better. When the immigrants passed ellis island they were not greeted as kindly as they expected. Most of the immigrants were accused of stealing jobs and the europeans wanted the immigrants to get rid of their heritage so they can fit in. Before the fourth wave happened there was an internal migration in the country. The migration where mostly black people moving away from the intense racism in the south and mormons trying to practice their religion freely. There was more opportunity for jobs in the north due to the industrialization. US open up the gates to allow immigrants to help them out during this time of war, many There was also post depression and world war 2 immigration, many immigrants went back to their native land and very few came to the country. Those that arrived in post depression were escaping nazi persecutions but most were turned away. Germans, Italians, and Japanese immigrants were treated badly due to the axis power. For the japanese it was extreme, they had to be put in internment camps during the war. During the war many of the men have left to the war leaving many responsibilities behind. The immigrants that came were mostly women that came to reunite with their families. After the war president johnson change immigration by writing the Hart Cellar act. This act would get rid of favoring western europeans and allowing all kinds immigrants join the U.S. In this fourth wave the number of Asians that arrived quadrupled and cuban refugees where able to stay in america. In this wave there was something called a “Brain Drain” that only let important immigrants through america. Immigrants like doctors, scientist, nurses, and high tech specialist. Most immigrants that come to the country mostly goes towards California, these immigrants are usually from Mexico, Asia, philippines, and central america. In 1986 there was an Immigration reformation act that would give amnesty to 3 million aliens and there was anti-immigration feelings rising up again. This reformation would halt the influx of the incoming illegal immigrants and there would be a fine for employing illegals. How these illegal immigrants managed to get inside the country is that they walked over the border or used temporary visas in airports. Security at the borders have then increased and arizona police started to check for immigration statuses and deportations had increased.Sadly even though there has been positive changes from non europeans immigrants there’s still a negative stigma that they make the country worse.


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