Perception About The Needs Of Women Asylum Seekers Social Work Essay

This research explores the support worker s perceptual experience about the demands of adult females asylum searchers in the Limerick country. These support workers work in an bureau puting that provides services for refuge searchers. The research is based on a elaborate reappraisal of literature on the jobs confronting adult females refuge searchers through the refuge seeking procedure. The challenges support workers face is besides reviewed. The research employs a semi-structured interview with a phenomenological attack. Eight support workers were interviewed out of which six had gone through the refuge procedure and are presently working in the country of service proviso.

The findings of this survey suggest that there is a deficiency of support and services in Limerick, delays in the refuge application procedure, negative experiences in the direct proviso of adjustment, deficiency of entree to employment and instruction and troubles originating from cultural differences between the refuge searchers and the support workers. This research makes a figure of recommendations including an betterment in the Torahs sing proviso of adjustment and a quickening of the refuge application procedure.

Chapter ONE

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2.0 Introduction

From 1990 to 2008, Ireland experienced in-migration with a celebrated addition in the figure of people seeking refuge. Research and statistics have shown that out of the figure of people seeking refuge, the per centum of adult females and kids was over 50 per centum ( TwiBell 2002, p.199 ) .

In much the same manner, Powell et Al. ( 2004 ) argue that in any refuge searchers population, about 50 % of them are adult females who reject their place state protection. These adult females besides find that the protection that their household can supply is unequal ( Powell et al. 2004 p.152 ) . Women asylum searchers are from different states with different types of faiths and cultural backgrounds. The adult females have suffered different types of persecution because of their gender. ( ) . Women refuge searchers faced troubles throughout the procedure of go forthing their households and during the procedure of their refuge application. Surveies have shown that adult females asylum searchers are the most vulnerable group in society and they have the inclination to develop mental wellness jobs. A series of supports need to be put in topographic point as they attempt to reconstruct their lives ( ) .

Many surveies conducted on adult females asylum searchers focused on the wellness, societal policy, and the consequence of migration on the Irish economic system ( see Hathaway 2003 ; Coulter 2004 ; Shandy 2004 ; Luibheid 2004 ; Powell et Al. 2004 ; Mbugua 2005 ; Freedman 2008 & A ; 2009 ; Frewen 2010 ) . Most of this literature focused on the wellness of adult females asylum searchers and the job of citizenship ; merely a few discussed the demands of adult females asylum searchers ( Shandy 2008, p. 809 ) . This research will further analyze the demands of adult females asylum searchers in Limerick and how the services available can be improved.

2.1 Motivation for Transporting out the Research

The research worker has already carried out a pilot survey on a similar subject last twelvemonth. The findings from this survey showed that the bulk of refuge searchers are under direct proviso and the services provided by the administrations that run each Centre is really different. For illustration, one of the Centres in Limerick deficiency installations for kids such as drama countries. The research worker wants to research the demands of adult females asylum searchers in Limerick as perceived by the support workers.

2.2 Purposes and Aims of the Research

The research aims to happen out the demands of adult females asylum searchers in Limerick and the bing supports and services available to them. It will besides analyze the troubles encountered by support workers in supplying services to the adult females.

The research will research the experiences of adult females asylum searchers in Limerick based on the followers:

* What do the support workers perceive to be the demands and experiences of adult females asylum searchers?

* What services and support would assist adult females asylum searchers?

2.3 Relevance to Social Care

Findingss from this survey will give an penetration into the demands and experiences of adult females asylum searchers in Limerick. It will foreground the services and supports needed in order to cut down negative experience of adult females asylum searchers. The sentiments and personal experiences of the support workers within the bureau will assist place best pattern in back uping adult females asylum searchers in Limerick.

2.4 Overview of Research Agency

The bureau used in this survey is an independent non-governmental administration based in Limerick that supports refuge searchers and other migrators. This bureau was established in 2000. There are presently 27 staff members working in the bureau which include: board of managers, a main executive, staff and voluntaries. The bureau opens Monday through Friday to back up immigrants in the Limerick country. The bureau generates financess through aid and partnership with other administrations. The purpose of the bureau is to protect the rights and to back up refuge searchers in Limerick. This bureau was chosen because it is the major bureau that works with refuge searchers in Limerick.

2.5 Methodology

This survey employs a qualitative method with a phenomenological attack. Semi-structured interviews with eight support workers were conducted. The information will enable the research worker to research the position of support workers about the demands of adult females asylum searchers ; eight support workers were interviewed out of which six of whom have gone through the refuge procedure. Therefore, the informations presented is based on their experience as refuge searchers every bit good as support workers. The consequence will be analyses utilizing thematic analysis.


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