Personal Reflection

My friend, Woody.When I was young, I really liked to listen music and imitate the singer shown up in TV. My dream job was a singer. I planned to enter music high-school specialized in teaching how to sing and make a song other than studying. When I was in middle-school, I asked my parents and teacher that I wanted to go to high-school for music. However, they refused my request. Their reason to refuse was that my grades were quite good in my class, so they thought it would be easier for me to be a successful man if I entered to regular high-school and kept studying. I kept asking them, but they were stubborn about saying, “Musician are always hungry.” I couldn’t help giving up entering high-school for music, eventually I entered regular high-school. I studied hard when I was a high school student. Finally, I got into Ajou-University which is one of prestigious school in Korea. However, I wasn’t satisfied. Although I got high score in entrance exam for university and got into prestigious school, I felt like something is empty in my mind. I posed a question to me: What is your dream? Is this what you really want to do? The answer was ‘I don’t know’. I wasted a few years, not knowing what I really wanted to do and what my goal was about. One day, my parents asked me to study abroad. They said that improving English skill would make me a more competitive and successful person. I didn’t even try to oppose to their idea because I knew it wouldn’t work.
I came to U.S. in 2012. I met one person, Woody Park, during orientation meeting. He was studying electrical engineering which is the same as me. We talked a lot and I knew that he was also studying music as a minor. After I heard that, I was very interested in him and wanted to know much more. He have played a piano since he was 10 years old and he made a couple of songs by himself. Furthermore, He tried to study music in University instead of electrical engineering, but he failed to persuade his parents. A bond of…


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