Personal Response for Inspector Calls

Personal response I was greatly excited by the BBC production play ‘The Inspector Calls’. The play seemed boring at first since it wasn’t easy for me to understand and I always had a bad impression towards literature texts. But the play made the whole play so much more interesting and easier to understand which make me get excited not only watching the first 27 min and continued to watch the rest afterwards. Watching the performance heightened my awareness and understanding of the play.

Through the visual presentation of the play, I could understand it better and I had a better knowledge of the whole play. Theatrical elements Character/Acting The actors each with different personality showed different ways when they were delivering their lines. It makes them look natural, more realistic. For example: Mr Birling with a very self-assured personality. He thinks what exactly he is talking about. In the first act he talk about the Titanic and how it sails and how it is unsinkable. He repeats this giving it more emphasis so you are more likely to take it to be true.

But of course you know it isn’t true and the Titanic does sink. This technique is called dramatic irony. It occurs again when he starts talking about how nobody wants war, especially not the Germans. There are also significant actions that Mr Birling do in the play to show his high position which contributes the play meaning as readers will know where Mr Birling stands. The Birlings are an upper class family with a high social position which can be seen by the fact that Mrs Birling doesn’t have to work and they have servants and maids to do house work for them.

There high social position can also be seen because Mr Birling being a magistrate and is still on the bench. He is a prominent figure in his society. He is an industrialist, a big boss so calls the shots so to speak and his personality is one of a successful man. Pushy, forthright and doesn’t like to take no for an answer. He does not like being fooled or interrupted. The play showed a few times that throughout the play Mr Birling is not so pleased when Inspector Goole interrupted him.

This expressions of unpleasantness by Mr Birling therefore made the play performance even more effective. Overall spectacle The set, lightning, sound, costumes and makeup enhanced the impact of the performance. The set appears perfectly suit for ‘The Inspector Calls’. Makes the performance very catchy that audience’s attention will get caught easily throughout the play. The dim light is just nice for the serious scene where bright light will not be so suitable. Costumes for the character also suit their characteristics base on their actions when interacting in the play.

The makeup also look good on the female actors and shows the early 19 Century how women dress up. Very realistic performance that totally carried me away. There are a few particular mood that stood out, like the mood in Act 1 before the inspector comes. The mood in Act 1 of the play undergoes a significant change. The author uses different techniques throughout the play to build up suspense and tension and the end of the act catches up the audience in the tense atmosphere the author created.

In the beginning of Act 1 the mood in the Birling household is happy and high hearted, “Giving us the port Edna? You ought to like this port Gerald” this give us the impression that the mood is joyful because they are drinking and wanting to include everyone in the party. “Special occasion” this just adds to our ideas concerning the atmosphere between the characters conveying an image of happiness and celebration. Gerald makes the comment “You all seem to be a nice, well-behaved family” which is ironic because of all the troubles to come later in the play.


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