Personal Statement On The Learning Outcomes Social Work Essay

The 10 Essential Shared Capabilities are to put out the lower limit demands that all mental wellness services staff should possess as best pattern. They are about relationships, behaviors, outlooks and attitudes. They besides allow service users and carers to be cognizant of what to anticipate from staff and services ( NES 2006 ) .

The 10 ESC ‘s are, working in partnership, esteeming diverseness, rehearsing ethically, disputing inequality, advancing recovery, placing people ‘s demands and strengths, supplying service user-centred attention, doing a difference, advancing safety and positive hazard pickings and personal development and acquisition.

I will now give an overview of each of the above capablenesss.

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Working in Partnership involves working with service users their households and carers in a positive manner to develop and keep supportive relationships. Working this manner helps people to do determinations and picks. ( Edwards 2000 ) . Whilst on arrangement when involved with service users who were get downing intervention for Hepatitis C intervention it was really of import to do them aware of how a good support web helps as this intervention can hold an impact on mundane life doing flu-like symptoms, emotional issues, kiping jobs and loss of appetency. ( Roche 2009 ) .

Respecting Diversity is about supplying attention that makes a positive difference taking into history, age, race, civilization, disablement, gender, spiritualty and gender. ( The Scots Government 2006 ) . On arrangement within the Addiction Services it was really of import non to know apart any service user. There were many different people who attended the dependence squad and it was imperative to handle them every bit. Harmonizing to NHS Quality Improvement Scotland ( 2009 ) , we as nurses must seek to extinguish favoritism and promote equality of chance for everyone.

Rehearsing Ethically is about placing the hopes and rights of patients and their households. It is of import to work within the jurisprudence and handle all service users as persons. ( NMC 2008 ) . Whilst on arrangement the NMC Code of Conduct must be adhered to and The Code ( 2010 ) states that “ you must back up people in caring for themselves to better and keep their wellness ” .

Challenging Inequality involves turn toing the effects of stigma. Patients with mental wellness jobs must be treated with the same rights as everyone else enduring from other wellness demands. ( See Me 2010 ) . On arrangement the service users I cared for all had substance abuse concerns. This group of people are frequently stigmatised. I found that most of the service users had many lending factors to their dependences and could sympathize with them more.

Promoting Recovery is all about working together with patients and professionals to supply attention which helps service users overcome mental wellness jobs. It gives service users hope and optimism in working towards a valued life. ( Tidal Model 2000 ) . The recovery procedure on arrangement was about assisting the service users try and overcome their dependence or assist them to pull off it better.

Identifying people ‘s demands and strengths involves garnering information about service users ‘ wellness and societal attention demands. Appraisals can be carried out to assist concentrate on the service users strengths. ( De Jong and Miller 1995 ) . On arrangement I spoke with a service user who had remained drug free for 3 months. This service user had had her kids taken from her and set into attention. She was being assessed by the GP and nursing staff to see if they felt she was ready to hold her kids returned to her.

Supplying service user-centred attention involves working aboard service users and their households to assist them negociate accomplishable ends for the person and placing all resources that are available to assist these ends be achieved. ( Shepherd, Boardman and Slade 2008 ) . On arrangement I worked alongside my wise man in assisting a immature pregnant miss with a benzodiazepine dependence. Her end was to easy detoxicate herself from the drug as it can do cardiac jobs and facial clefts in unborn babes ( Be My Parent 2010 ) . The GP decreased her prescription by 2mg each hebdomad.

Making a difference involves guaranting that services are of a high quality and are suited to each person. ( The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health 2003 ) . Most of the service users found it really helpful if they were provided with cusps to do them cognizant of the effects that the illegal substances had on their lives.

Promoting Safety and Positive Risk Taking involves working with service users to make up one’s mind the degree of hazard they are prepared to take with their wellness and safety. All attention must be planned to maximize the benefits for the patient guaranting safety is maintained. ( Morgan 2000 ) . It was of import on arrangement to do service users cognizant of the harm they were making to both their physical and mental wellness. Again cusps being available seemed to assist.

Finally, Personal development and larning involves maintaining up to day of the month with any alterations in the manner services are provided. It is a womb-to-tomb acquisition procedure and is of import to reflect on the pattern you provide. The Nursing and Midwifery Council 2008, province it is of import to maintain your cognition and skills up to day of the month throughout your working life.

The 10 ESCs relate to and back up the bringing of mental wellness policy and statute law in mental wellness pattern in Scotland by associating up with the Mental Health ( Care and Treatment ) ( Scotland ) Act 2003. The rules of this act should act upon our pattern consequently. Some of the rules include non favoritism, equality, regard for diverseness, regard for carers and engagement all of these rules relate to the 10 ESCs. The Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct model exists to give nurses the foundation of good nursing and obstetrics pattern, and is a cardinal tool in safeguarding the wellness and well-being of the people in our attention.

During this arrangement I have found working through the 10 ESCs really good as they have helped me better my experience of mental wellness nursing and how to break my attention for service users. I am besides cognizant of the importance of maintaining up to day of the month with any alterations and how the acquisition experience will go on throughout my nursing calling.

Work Based Learning 1 – Faculty 3

This portion of the assignment will depict the links between service users and carers engagement and the 10 ESCs. It will besides discourse different degrees of engagement that service users and carers have. Besides what local attacks are available to assist increase service users involvement in their attention.

NHS Education for Scotland ( 2010 ) states that affecting service users and their carers is about promoting them to hold duty in their ain attention and intervention and to be involved in the development of services. By utilizing the 10 ESCs there are things that can be done to get the better of any of the undermentioned barriers, losing hope, negative experiences of mental wellness services and stigma. ESC 3 – Rehearsing Ethically helps service users to construct up a relationship with their nurse and shows the nurse how to acknowledge the services users rights and hopes

There are three degrees of engagement which are, single, organizational and strategic degrees I will now discourse the service user and carers involvement at each of these degrees.

Engagement at an single degree includes persons being given picks and holding engagement in all phases of their attention procedure. Service users and carers should hold easy entree to any information or advice available to them and


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